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    3L Rotary Vacuum Evaporator, 10-180 rpm

    The rotary vacuum evaporator is used to recover and evaporate organic solvents. Our rotary vacuum evaporator comes with a 3L collection flask, adjustable tilt angle and easy lift operation. The rotary vacuum evaporator is suitable for chemical production, scientific experiments, biopharmaceuticals and other fields to meet various laboratory needs.
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    3L rotary vacuum evaporator has a built-in brushless frequency-controlled motor with high drive capability. ATO rotary vacuum evaporator provides a digital temperature display, intelligent thermostat and PID control to ensure accurate and stable heating conditions.


    Model ATO-RE-301
    Speed Adjustment Range 10-180 rpm
    Evaporation capacity 25 ml/min
    Achievable Cacuum -0.095 MPa or less
    Temperature Adjustment Range Water bath: room temperature -99°C, Oil bath: room temperature -180°C
    Temperature Setting Display Key input, digital display
    Speed Setting Display Button setting, digital display
    Safety Function Fuse
    Lift Function Manual lift
    Rotary Motor 40W
    Heating Power 1.5kW
    Condenser Vertical double serpentine condenser
    Condensation Area 0.2m2
    Evaporation Speed >1.5L/h H2O
    Spinner Bottle 3L
    Collection Bottle 2L/Discharge material
    Vacuum Seal PTFE+Teflon combined seal
    Water Bath Size 260*150mm
    Lifting Stroke 100-150mm
    Applicable Smbient Temperature 5-35°C
    Power Supply Voltage 220V/50Hz
    Dimension 690*350*1100m
    Weight 27kg 


    • PTFE and fluororubber dual sealing ensure high vacuum degree.
    • The exhaust nozzle of the condenser is positioned below for safer connection with the vacuum tube.
    • The rotary vacuum evaporator has a modular design with strong scalability.
    • Convenient lifting operation to avoid movement of the glass parts, ensuring safety and ease of use.
    • The rotational speed and bath temperature are displayed digitally and controlled by PID for high temperature control accuracy.
    • The bath is separated from the 2L rotary evaporator, allowing flexible configuration.


    Rotary evaporators are commonly used in laboratories and industries for efficient solvent evaporation and concentration processes, such as in pharmaceutical research, chemical synthesis, and essential oil extraction.

    Rotary evaporator applications

    Tips: What is the difference between a vertical and a horizontal condenser in a rotary evaporator?

    Vertical Condenser:

    • Orientation: A vertical condenser is positioned vertically above the boiling flask of the rotary evaporator.
    • Design: It consists of a long, vertically arranged glass tube or coil with a larger surface area.
    • Cooling Effect: As the vapors rise from the boiling flask, they come into contact with the cold surface of the vertical condenser, causing them to condense and collect in a separate receiving flask. The vertical orientation allows efficient cooling and condensation of the vapors due to the longer path they have to travel.

    Horizontal Condenser:

    • Orientation: A horizontal condenser is positioned horizontally, extending out to the side of the rotary evaporator.
    • Design: It typically consists of a glass tube or coil arranged in a horizontal configuration.
    • Cooling Effect: The vapors generated in the boiling flask are directed through the horizontal condenser. As the vapors flow along the length of the condenser, they come into contact with the cool surface, which promotes condensation. The condensed liquid is then collected in a separate receiving flask. The horizontal design allows for efficient cooling while providing easier access for maintenance and adjustments.
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