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    12 Inch Distance Measuring Wheel

    12-inch distance measuring wheel is designed with precision gear structure, accuracy ±0.5%. The forward count increases and the reverse count decreases, effectively avoiding errors. The reading window is designed with a magnifying glass, making it easier for you to read the data.
    SKU: ATO-MW-J316
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    Distance measuring wheel for road and track measurement, wheel diameter 12 inches, accuracy ±0.5%. Distance measuring wheel is widely used in professional surveying and mapping operations, road projects, pipeline laying projects.


    • Model: ATO-MW-SDS-J316
    • Extension Height: 102cm (40 inch)
    • Folded Height: 48cm ( 18 inch)
    • Wheel Diameter: 32cm (12 inch)
    • Accuracy:+0.5%
    • Net Weight: 1.4kg
    • Tire Thickness: 9mm
    • Measuring Range: 9999.9mm

    Dimension Unit (mm)

     12 Inch measuring wheel dimension


    Measuring wheel details


    • Rolling measure wheel without extra battery power supply, more convenient to use.
    • The reading window is designed with a magnifying glass to enlarge the font for easy reading.
    • Key reset zero/magnifying glass setting for easy reading.
    • The measuring wheel counts by electromagnetic induction principle, and the data is displayed on the LCD screen for easy reading.
    • Scroll the wheel forward to increase the number, and backward to reduce the number.
    • The folding structure can be easily put into the carry bag, easy to carry.


    Measuring wheel applications

    Tips: How to store the measuring wheel?

    Measuring wheels can be folded up for storage or have a telescoping handle. Some measuring wheels come with a case, bag, or backpack to protect and carry them. If you are in a dirty environment where dirt or mud can get into the odometer, a storage bag may be important. If you store items in the back of a truck seat or car trunk, a folding wheel can help it fit into a smaller space.

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