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    120 Nm, Pneumatic Screw Driver, 1/4", 10000 rpm

    The pneumatic screwdriver is used for tapping and removing screws up to 6mm, with a 1/4" air inlet, a maximum torque of 120 Nm, and a no-load speed of 10,000 rpm. The pneumatic screwdriver is easy to operate with one hand and can help reduce operator fatigue during long hours of use, making it a common tool for industrial-grade factory lines.
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    The 1/4" pistol grip air screwdriver provides a maximum torque of 120 Nm and a no-load speed of 10,000 rpm, with a silenced exhaust design to effectively reduce noise. Pneumatic screw driver is comfortable and non-slip, easy to operate, and can be used to tighten and remove screws quickly.


    Model ATO-PSD-ASL-508
    Air Inlet 1/4"
    No-Load Speed 10000rpm
    Working Pressure 0.63 Mpa
    Max Torque 120 Nm
    Bolting Capacity M5-M8
    Net Weight 1kg



    • The pistol grip air screwdriver has a built-in powerful movement, which can withstand high-speed rotation, work continuously for 24 hours, and adapt to high-intensity operations.
    • High concentricity, precise and no deviation, attack, and demolition in one step.
    • Forward and reverse switch, R gear to drive the screw, L gear to back the screw, no rotation in the middle, easy to operate.
    • The ATO pneumatic screwdriver conforms to the ergonomic structure, which is comfortable to use and will not feel tired after working for a long time.
    • Pneumatic screw driver with silent exhaust design, reduce noise, good mechanical performance.


    Dimension Unit (mm)

    120 Nm air impact screwdrive dimension



    Pneumatic screw driver applications

    Tips: Precautions for using pneumatic screwdrivers

    1. Check before using a moving screwdriver, and a special person should be responsible.
    2. If it is found that the moving screwdriver lacks parts or is damaged, repair it in time, otherwise it cannot be used.
    3. The socket connection must be connected with a special pin and sealed with a rubber ring. (screwdriver clamping type)
    4. It is forbidden to load and unload the pneumatic wrench head with the wind (without closing the air valve) and clean the pneumatic wrench with the wind.
    5. After all kinds of equipment are used up, remove the quick connectors, clean them and keep them properly.
    6. When using a dynamic screwdriver, do not overload it, and do not idle at high speed to prevent premature mechanical wear.
    7. If a secondary impact is found during the use of the pneumatic torque screwdriver, it should be stopped immediately for inspection, disassembly on site (referring to unclean places) is prohibited, and it should be sent to the repair department for inspection in time.
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