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    80 Nm Pneumatic Screw Driver, 1/4", 10000 rpm

    1/4" pneumatic screw driver" is able to withstand high-speed rotation and adapt to high intensity work, with a silent exhaust design to reduce noise, a no-load speed of 1000 rpm, maximum torque of 80 Nm. The air torque screwdriver is available for flooring decoration, ceiling decoration, nail advertising frame, mechanical and electrical repair, car repair, and other disassembly work.
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    1/4" pneumatic screw driver for sale, no-load speed 1000 rpm, max. torque 80 Nm, working pressure 0.63 Mpa. Pneumatic screw driver is designed for tightening and dismantling screws in light industry such as machinery manufacturing, hardware repair, electromechanical assembly and home maintenance.


    Model ATO-PSD-ASL-506
    Air Inlet 1/4"
    No-Load Speed 10000rpm
    Working Pressure 0.63 Mpa
    Max Torque 80 Nm
    Bolting Capacity M4-M6
    Net Weight 1kg



    • The Pneumatic pistol grip screwdriver has a built-in powerful movement, which can withstand high-speed rotation, work continuously for 24 hours, and adapt to high-intensity operations.
    • High concentricity, precise and no deviation, attack, and demolition in one step.
    • Forward and reverse switch, R gear to drive the screw, L gear to back the screw, no rotation in the middle, easy to operate.
    • The ATO pneumatic screwdriver conforms to the ergonomic structure, which is comfortable to use and will not feel tired after working for a long time.
    • Pneumatic screw driver with silent exhaust design, reduce noise, good mechanical performance.


    Dimension Unit (mm)

    80 Nm air impact screwdrive dimension



    Pneumatic screw driver applications

    Tips: How to maintain the pneumatic screwdriver?

    • The air intake must contain sufficient lubricating oil so that the internal air motor can be fully lubricated (you can put a white paper on the exhaust of the tool to check whether there is an oil stain, normally there is an oil stain).
    • The air intake must be free of moisture, and it is not appropriate if the compressed air passes through the air dryer.
    • Do not disassemble the parts of the pneumatic screwdriver arbitrarily and operate it, except that it will affect the safety of the operator and cause damage to the tool.
    • If the pneumatic screwdriver is slightly faulty or cannot achieve the original function after use, check it immediately.
    • Regularly (about once a week) check and maintain tools, add butter to rotating parts such as bearings, and add engine oil to air motor parts.
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