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    125 hp (90 kW) DC Reactor, Single Phase

    High quality DC line reactor for sale, 1 phase, power 125 hp, 90 kW, rated current 250A, dc voltage 220V to 1200V is optional, material copper or aluminum, improve the input current waveform change caused by capacitor filtering.
    SKU: ATO-DCR-125
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    DC link reactor for vfd, power 125 hp, rated current 250A, smoothing reactors are used to reduce and prevent rectifier bridge damage and capacitors.


    Model ATO-DCL-250
    Phase 1 Phase
    Power Adapter 75 kW (100 hp)
    Recommended VFD Model
    SKU: GK3000-4T0900G (125 hp three phase VFD)
    VFD Voltage Adapter 220V-1200V (Contact us for other voltages)
    Rated Current 250A
    Inductance 0.25
    Insulation Grade F.H
    Dimension 140*160*215mm (L*W*H)
    Mounting Dimension 70*95mm
    Electric Strength Iron core-winding 3000VAC/50Hz/10mA/60s no arcing no breakdown
    Insulation Resistance iron core-winding 1000VDC, Insulation resistance
    Noise of Reactor Less than 35dB (measured from 1 meter away in horizon from reactor)
    Degree of Protection IP00
    Degree of Insulation > Class F
    Weight 18kg

    1. Improve the input current wave caused by capacitor harmonics.
    2. Reduce and prevent rectifier bridge damage and capacitors.
    3. Overheating due to a surge in current.
    4. Improve the power factor and reduce the AC pulse of the DC bus.
    5. Limit transient changes in system voltage.

    125 hp DC Line Reactor Dimension (unit: mm)
    DC reactor dimensionTips: 5 Precautions for installation of series reactor

    1. When installing a series reactor, the wiring method of each series reactor should be connected to the bus with a separate flexible wire for students. Do not use hard bus for connection to prevent damage to the bushing of the enterprise series reactor caused by assembly stress analysis. , Oil leakage caused by damage to the seal.

    2. Any poor contact in the series reactor circuit may cause high-frequency oscillating arcs, which will increase the working electric field strength of the series reactor and generate heat and cause early damage. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain good contact between the electrical circuit and the grounding part during installation.

    3. When low-voltage series reactors are connected to high-voltage series power grids, insulators equal to the working voltage level should be installed to ensure reliable insulation of the shells of each reactor.

    4. The series reactor is used for the higher rated voltage after the star connection. When the neutral point is not grounded, the shell of the series reactor should be insulated from the ground.

    5. Before installing the series reactor, it is necessary to allocate the primary capacity to balance the phases, and the deviation should not exceed 5% of the total capacity. When equipped with a relay protection control device, it should also fully meet the requirements of balance during system operation and that the current generation error does not exceed the operating current of the relay protection technology.

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