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    1400 lbs Hand Crank Winch

    Hand crank winch with 1400 lbs (0.7 ton) working load for lifting and lowering items, breaking strength 2000 lbs (1 ton), gear ratio 4:1, rolled steel body material, Ø4mm x 8m cable, best for truck, car trailer, boat trailer, vehicle recovery and off road.
    SKU: ATO-HW-1400
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    Manual crank winch is convenient for truck, car trailer, camper trailer, boat trailer, utility trailer, off road, vehicle recovery, etc., which is ideal for pulling, lifting and lowering items.


    • Model: ATO-BQC1400
    • Working Load: 1400 lbs (0.7 ton)
    • Lifting Tension: 900 lbs (0.45 ton)
    • Breaking Strength: 2000 lbs (1 ton)
    • Material: Rolled Steel
    • Gear Ratio: 4:1
    • Cable (Dia x L): Ø4mm x 8m
    • Dimension: 204mm (L) x 100mm (W) x 178mm (H)
    • Weight: 3.6kg

    Note*: Never exceed working load limit.


    1400 lbs (0.7 ton) hand winch details

    Tips: How does a hand winch work?

    A hand crank winch is a mechanical device used to lift or pull heavy objects by hand. It typically consists of a drum or reel, a gear mechanism, and a handle. Here's a general overview of how a hand winch works:

    • Drum/Reel: The winch has a cylindrical drum or reel around which a cable or wire rope is wound. The drum is designed to hold and spool the cable.
    • Gear Mechanism: Inside the winch, there is a gear mechanism that converts the rotational motion of the handle into linear movement of the cable. The gear system may consist of gears, pawls, and ratchets to control the direction and locking of the cable.
    • Handle: The handle is attached to the winch and is used by the operator to manually rotate the drum. As the handle is turned, it rotates the gear mechanism, which, in turn, either winds or unwinds the cable from the drum.
    • Cable Operation: When the handle is turned in one direction, it causes the drum to rotate and wind the cable onto it. This action creates tension in the cable, allowing the winch to pull or lift the load.
    • Ratchet and Pawl: A hand winch typically includes a ratchet and pawl mechanism to prevent the cable from unwinding unintentionally. The ratchet engages with the gear mechanism, locking the drum and preventing it from rotating in the opposite direction. This ensures that the load remains secure once the operator stops turning the handle.
    • Load Control: By controlling the handle's speed and direction of rotation, the operator can control the speed and direction of the cable's movement. Turning the handle clockwise winds the cable onto the drum, resulting in the winch lifting the load. Conversely, turning the handle counterclockwise releases the cable, allowing for controlled lowering or releasing of the load.

    It's important to note that different hand winches may have slight variations in their mechanisms and designs, but the general principles remain the same.

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