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    15 kW Rotary Lobe Pump

    Rotary lobe pump with compact structure, power 15 kW, 120~150 m3/h flow, strong ability to pass impurities, non-clogging, saving operating costs, commonly used in paper industry, food industry, agriculture and marine.
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    The energy-saving 15 kW rotary lobe pump has a strong self-priming capability and a wide viscosity range, from low to high viscosity media can be conveyed smoothly, suitable for a variety of complex fluid media.

    Precautions for selection of rotary lobe pump

    1. Shaft power = flow Q (m3/h) x head H (Bar) / 36 / η.
    2. When the conveying medium is clear water, sewage and relatively dilute mud, the rotational speed n≤350rpm, when the conveying medium is dry mud, the rotational speed n≤100rpm.
    3. When it is necessary to ensure the self-priming height, the speed n is greater than or equal to 200rpm, when the equipment is running with gaps, such as mobile pump trucks, the speed can be greater than 350rpm.
    4. Different environments, different media, different speeds, please contact ATO technicians.
    5. Other power lobe rotary lobe pumps can be customized.


    • Model: ATO-LP-AF150
    • Power: 15 kW
    • Flow: 120~150 m3/h
    • Maximum Outlet Pressure: 10 bar
    • Maximum Speed: 600 rpm
    • Flange Diameter: DN100, DN125, DN150, DN200, DN250
    • Weight: 615 kg
    • Dimension: 1808mm x 604mm (L x H)
    • Certificate: CE, ISO9000, ISO14000, ISO18000


    • Strong self-priming ability, often used to replace submersible pumps or submersible pumps, the maximum suction stroke of the pump can reach 8.5-9.5 meters.
    • The lobe pump has good wear resistance and is often used to transport fluid media containing impurities such as sludge, sewage, and slag.
    • Simple maintenance, no need to dismantle the pipeline.
    • Reversible operation, the design is completely symmetrical, and the conveying direction can be changed by changing the driving direction.
    • No blockage, strong ability to pass impurities.
    • Idling/dry running: the pump is insensitive to dry running, and short-term running will not cause damage to the pump.
    • Energy saving and electricity saving, high efficiency.
    • To solve the gas resistance, it can be mixed and conveyed with gas, liquid and slag.
    • The overall operating cost of the pump is low.
    • Ultra-wide medium viscosity conveying range, from low viscosity medium to high viscosity medium can be smoothly conveyed.

    15 kW Rotary Lobe Pump Curve

    15 kW rotary lobe pump curve

    15 kW Rotary Lobe Pump Installation Dimensions

    15 kW lobe pump installation dimensions

    Lobe Rotary Pump Applications

    Lobe pump applications

    Tips: Rotary lobe pump working principle

    All rotary lobe pumps are driven by two parallel shafts, which run in opposition to each other under synchronous gearing. The rotor is mounted on the shaft and a small chamber is formed between the rotor and the pump casing. The geometry of the Augean rotor is specially designed so that the pressure side and the suction side of the pump are completely isolated, regardless of the position of the rotor. During operation, the medium is continuously filled in the small cavity formed between the rotor and the pump casing, and as the rotor rotates, the medium is continuously pushed from the suction side to the discharge side. The discharge and suction ends of the pump are always sealed by the rotor, so there is no need to install a bottom valve. The squeezing and shearing of the pump to the medium is negligible and there is almost no pulsation. Rotors are made of wear-resistant rubber, plastic, composite materials and metal-absorbing materials. By changing the direction of rotation of the rotor, the direction of flow of the medium is reversible. Therefore, the ATO rotary lobe pump is also ideally suited for directional operation.

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