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    15m Oil Tank Gauge Tape

    Good price and oil tank dip gauge tape with 15m length for sale. The tape of oil gauging is made of carbon steel. All metal anti-expansion of oil tank gauge tape, and recycle tape is fast and smooth. Oil tank gauge tape is widely used in chemical industry, hydraulic engineering and oil field.
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    An oil tank gauge tape is a tool used to measure the level of oil or other liquids inside storage tanks. It consists of a long, flexible tape made of durable material, which is marked with measurements and calibrated to provide accurate readings.


    • Solid explosion-proof, making the oil gauging safe to use.
    • Strong and durable, making the service life of the tape longer.
    • The anchor can be rotated arbitrarily to prevent the tape from spiraling.
    • Adopts with solid brass anchor and aluminum alloy rust-proof ruler frame.


    • Model: OTGT-15
    • Length: 15m
    • Tape Material: stainless steel
    • Anchor Head Material: Brass
    • Anchor Head Diameter: 20mm
    • Dipstick Length: 290mm
    • Net Weight: 810g


    Oil tank gauge tape dimension


    Oil tank gauge tape application

    Tips: What are the Advantages of Oil Tank Gauge Tape?

    • Accuracy. Oil tank gauge tapes are designed to provide accurate measurements of liquid levels in tanks. They typically have precise markings and gradations that allow for precise readings, ensuring accurate inventory management and preventing overfilling or running out of oil.
    • Versatility. Oil tank gauge tapes are available in various lengths to accommodate different tank sizes. They can be used in a wide range of tanks, including above-ground and underground storage tanks, making them suitable for different applications and industries.
    • Durability. Gauge tapes are usually made of strong materials such as stainless steel or durable plastics. This construction ensures they can withstand the harsh conditions often found in storage tanks, such as chemical exposure or high temperatures. They are resistant to corrosion, breakage, and deformation, allowing for long-term use.
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