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    20m Oil Tank Gauge Tape

    Tank gauging tape is a portable measuring tool. Quickly retract the tape measure, strong and durable, easy to operate and use. Nickel-plated carbon steel tape of oil tank dip gauge tape, clear and more resistant, anti-rust and not easy to break.
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    Oil tank measuring tapes may be made from a variety of materials, including stainless steel or other metals, and may be coated with a protective material to prevent rust and corrosion.


    • Solid explosion-proof, making the oil gauging safe to use.
    • Strong and durable, making the service life of the tape longer.
    • The anchor can be rotated arbitrarily to prevent the tape from spiraling.
    • Adopts with solid brass anchor and aluminum alloy rust-proof ruler frame.


    • Model: OTGT-20
    • Length: 20m
    • Tape Material: stainless steel
    • Anchor Head Material: Brass
    • Anchor Head Diameter: 20mm
    • Dipstick Length: 290mm
    • Net Weight: 900g


    Oil tank gauge tape dimension


    Oil tank gauge tape application

    Tips: How Does Oil Tank Gauge Tape Work?

    The working principle of the gauge tape relies on the basic principle of fluid mechanics. It relies on the fact that the tape sinks into the liquid while being buoyant in the air. By measuring the length of the tape submerged in the liquid, the user can determine the liquid level in the tank, providing valuable information for monitoring and managing the storage of oil or other fluids.

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