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    30m Oil Tank Gauge Tape

    Tank gauging tape is a portable measuring tool. The tape is made of carbon steel which has accurate calibration and strong corrosion resistance. All metal anti-expansion of oil tank gauge tape, and recycle tape is fast and smooth. Tank gauging tape can be used in shipping industry and oil field.
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    To use the oil tank measuring tape, the tape is lowered into the tank until it touches the bottom. Oil gauging tape ruler frame aluminum alloy material, long service life.


    • Solid explosion-proof, making the oil gauging safe to use.
    • Strong and durable, making the service life of the tape longer.
    • The anchor can be rotated arbitrarily to prevent the tape from spiraling.
    • Adopts with solid brass anchor and aluminum alloy rust-proof ruler frame.


    • Model: OTGT-30
    • Length: 30m
    • Tape Material: stainless steel
    • Anchor Head Material: Brass
    • Anchor Head Diameter: 20mm
    • Dipstick Length: 290mm
    • Net Weight: 1070g


    Oil tank gauge tape dimension


    Oil tank gauge tape application

    Tips: What are the Components of Oil Tank Gauge Tape?

    When it comes to the construction of oil gauging tape, it's pretty simple. The gauging tape is composed of a handle, a ruler frame, a crank handle, a ruler, a lead, a lock, a bracket and a connector. The dipstick scales towards the handle. The locking device uses the locking switch, pin and spring to position the lock column of the measuring stick. The oil scraper is suspended on the fixed pulley of the ruler frame. The oil scraper passes through the felt of the oil scraper to clean the oil attached when measuring.

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