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    1600W 160KV 12S Outrunner Brushless Motor for Skateboard

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    160KV/220KV brushless DC motor for sale. Working voltage 44.4V, operated by 12S (DC 44V) power supply, max power 1620W, max current 45A, torque 1.9N.m, shaft diameter 10mm. Outrunner BLDC motor for electric skateboard/longboard, matched with controller and pulley kit for more ideal speed control.
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    Affordable price outrunner brushless DC motor for sale, dedicated to electric skateboard/ longboard/ mountainboard. Speed 160KV/220KV for selection, max power 1.6kW, input voltage 12S (DC 44V). Optional BLDC motor driver and 10mm pulley for matching use.


    Model ATO-H6355
    Max Power 1620W (2 hp)
    Rotation Speed KV (RPM/V) 160KV, 220KV
    Max Current 45A
    Max Input Voltage* DC 44V
    Max Torque 1.9 N.m
    Recommend ESC 3-12S 50A (FSESC4.20 50A)
    Motor Length 55mm
    Motor Diameter 63mm
    Weight 1.259 lb (0.572 kg)
    Internal Resistance 0.11 ohm
    SHAFT Diameter: 10mm
    Length: 25mm
    Motor Wire 300mm silicone 14AWG wire with MT60 male connector
    Wire Configuration Blue = U
    White = V
    Yellow = W
    Number of poles 14
    Sensor Wire Standard RC Sensor Wire HY2.0-5P connector
    Shipping Package ATO-H6355 motor*1, hall line*1

    *Note: The motor is powered by 12S batteries, S is the number of batteries, voltage of every battery is 3.7V DC.

    Brushless DC Motor Dimensions Drawing (Unit: mm)

    Dimensions of 1600W 160KV 12S Brushless Motor for Electric Skateboard

    ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) Selection for E-Board BLDC Motor

    • The speed of BLDC motor does not exceed the speed of ESC, it can be matched and used.
    • Brushless DC motor speed calculation formula: battery voltage * motor KV value.
      Brushless DC motor stator speed calculation formula: motor KV value * battery voltage * motor pole pairs.
    • The limit speed of V4 series ESC is 60000 ERPM.
      The limit speed of V6 series ESC is 15000 OERPM.
    • If the maximum speed of BLDC motor exceeds the speed of electric speed controller, the ESC can also be matched by reducing the working voltage of motor. But we do not recommend this, because it does not really play the role of brushless DC motor.

    ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) Specification

    Model Current Value Number of Batteries (Input Voltage)
    FSESC 4.12 Continuous 50A, peak 240A 3S-12S (8V-60V)
    FSESC 4.20* Continuous 50A, peak 240A 3S-12S (8V-60V)
    VESC 6.6 mini dual drive 1-channel 100A continuous, 2-channel 200A continuous
    1-channel peak 400A, 2-channel total peak 800A
    3S-12S (8V-60V)
    VESC6.6 integrated switch dual drive version 1-channel 100A continuous, 2-channel 200A continuous
    1-channel peak 400A, 2-channel total peak 800A
    3S-12S (8V-60V)
    FSESC6.6 VESC6.6 single drive integration Continuous 60A, peak 150A 3S-12S (8V-60V)
    VESC4 dual drive integration 50A continuous 1-channel, peak 100A 2-channel, peak 300A 2-channel 3S-12S (8V-60V)
    ODESC3.6 single drive/dual drive 50A continuous 1-channel, peak 120A 1-channel 3S-12S (8V-60V)
    VESC6 dual drive 1-channel 100A continuous, 2-channel 200A continuous
    1-channel peak 400A, 2-channel total peak 800A
    3S-12S (8V-60V)
    Single drive V6 75200 Continuous 200A 3S-12S (8V-60V)
    Single drive VESC6 waterproof version Continuous 60A, peak 150A 3S-12S (8V-60V)

    *Note: The ESC model with * is the recommended controller for this page of motor, if you need other ESC models, please contact us.

    Tips: Why does electric skateboard brushless motor get hot?

    First, use a non-contact infrared thermometer or the temperature measurement gear of multimeter (a multimeter with temperature measurement). Measure the temperature of motor end cover. When it exceeds the ambient temperature by more than 25°C, it indicates that the temperature rise of electric skateboard brushless motor has exceeded the normal range. Generally, the temperature rise of a motor should be below 20°C.

    The direct cause of electric skateboard BLDC motor heating is excessive current. The relationship between motor current I, motor input electromotive force E1, motor rotation induced electromotive force (also called back electromotive force) E2, and motor coil resistance R is: I = (E1-E2) ÷ R

    I increase, indicating that R becomes smaller or E2 is reduced. The decrease of R is generally caused by a short circuit or an open circuit of the coil. The reduction of E2 is generally caused by the short circuit or open circuit of the coil.
    In the maintenance practice of electric skateboard brushless motor, the method to deal with the heating failure is generally to replace the motor.

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