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    18 Amps 3 Pole AC contactor 24V/110V/220V Coil

    The good performance by pass AC contactor provides 24V, 110V, 220V coil voltage, rated at 18A when used at AC-3 380V, and 12A when used at AC-3 660V. It has 3 pole, three main normally open contact and one normally open/closed auxiliary contact, and it can frequent start and control the AC motors.
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    18 Amps AC Contactor Features

    Safe and reliable by pass AC contactor, compact and simple design, excellent performance and convenient to use, you can have 24V, 110V, 220V coil voltage to choose. It is lightweight, low power, low cost, long life, suitable for frequently start and control AC motors.

    18 Amps AC Contactor Specifications

    Model CJX2-18
    Rated Operational Current (AC-3) 380V 18A
    660V 12A
    Conventional Heating Current 32A
    Rated Insulation Voltage 690V
    Power of Controllable 3-phase Squirrel-cage Motor (AC-3) 220V 4kW
    380V 7.5kW
    660V 10kW
    Operational Frequency (AC-3) Electric Life 1200 times/h
    Mechanical Life 3600 times/h
    Service Life Electric Life (104 times) 100
    Mechanical Life (104 times) 1000
    Matching Fusing Model RT16-25
    Average Power Consumption (20℃) @ 50Hz Pick-up 76VA
    Holding 9.4VA
    Contact Form (Optional) 3P+NO or 3P+NC
    Ambient Temperature -5℃~+40℃
    Altittude ≤2000m
    Class of Pollution Class 3
    Installation Category
    Weight 0.35kg

    18 Amps AC Contactor Dimensions

    18Amps AC contactor dimensions

    Tips: The working principle of the AC contactor

    It is to use the electromagnetic force to cooperate with the spring force to achieve the contact and disconnection of the contacts. The AC contactor has two operating states: a de-energized state and a powered state. When the attracting coil is energized, the static iron core generates electromagnetic attraction, the armature is sucked, and the normally closed contact broken contactor is in a powered state; when the attracting coil is powered off, the electromagnetic suction disappears, and the armature is reopened, so that The open contact is closed, released by the positional spring, and the contactor is in a de-energized state.

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