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    2-1/2" Stainless Steel Swing Check Valve, Horizontal

    2-1/2”(DN 65) stainless steel check valve is used for regulating the flow of fluid (water/oil) or gas in the pipeline, SS304/316 materials, BSP/BSPT/NPT three thread standard. 200WOG swing check valve can withstand high temperature and high pressure, suitable for wastewater treatment plants, oil and gas refineries, and chemical processing facilities.
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    Get a 2-1/2 inch stainless steel check valve at low price. It is a swing non-return valve with DN65, 200 WOG working pressure and BSP/BSPT/NPT thread standard. Reliable horizontal check valve is widely used in various pipeline projects such as water plants, papermaking, heating, refrigeration, petroleum, construction, etc.


    • Model: ATO-H14W
    • Check Valve Type: Swing
    • Shape: Horizontal
    • Nominal Diameter: 2-1/2 inch (65mm)
    • Working Pressure: 200 WOG
    • Product Material: 304/316 Stainless Steel
    • Connection Form: Thread
    • Thread Standard: BSP, BSPT, NPT
    • Temperature Range: -20°C~300°C
    • Weight: 2.73kg
    • Applicable Medium: Water, Oil, Gas, Nitric Acid, Acetic Acid


    Swing check valve dimension

    Main Part Materials
    NO. Part Name Materials QTY
    1 BODY CF8/CF8M 1
    2 DISC CF8/CF8M 1
    3 HANGGER PIN SS304/SS316 1
    5 CAP CF8/CF8M 1
    Dimension (Unit: mm)
    DN D L±1.5 H
    65 65 164 91


    A stainless steel swing check valve is a type of valve used to regulate the flow of fluids or gases in a pipeline. It is commonly used in applications where backflow prevention is necessary, such as in wastewater treatment plants, oil and gas refineries, and chemical processing facilities.

    Swing check valve applications

    Tips: Swing Check Valve Leakage Troubleshooting

    One of the most common problems with swing check valves is leakage, which can occur due to wear and tear of the sealing components, improper installation, or damage to the valve. To troubleshoot this issue, inspect the valve for any visible signs of damage, such as cracks or corrosion, and replace any damaged parts. Check the valve's seating surface and ensure that it is clean and free from debris. Also, make sure that the valve is installed correctly and tightened to the proper torque.

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