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    2 inch Brass Y Strainer

    Durable 2 inch Y strainer is easy to install and use in the pipe system. With DN50 nominal diameter, 1.6Mpa working pressure and thread connection, the brass Y-type filter is perfect for chemical processing, agriculture and manufacturing.
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    Good price 2 inch brass Y type strainer with 50mm nominal diameter, threaded connection, working pressure 1.6Mpa, commonly used in water supply systems, including municipal water treatment plants, commercial buildings and residential pipelines, to effectively filter out sand, rust, sediment and other debris.


    • Model: ATO-ML-8202
    • Nominal Diameter: DN50 (2 inch)
    • Main Body Material: Brass
    • Type: Y Type Strainer
    • Nominal Pressure: 1.6Mpa
    • Thread: Complies with ISO 228 Standard
    • Applicable Temperature: -10℃≤T≤120℃
    • Working Medium: Water, Oil, Non-Corrosive and Non-Combustible Gas

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    Brassl Y strainer dimension

    DN Size L B H
    50 2 inch 125 36 73


    Y-type strainers can remove impurities, debris, and solid particles from fluid or gas pipelines in industrial and commercial applications. They are typically used in applications where a high flow rate is required, and where there is a risk of damage to equipment or processes from the presence of solid particles.

    Stainless steel Y strainer applications

    Tips: How to choose a brass Y strainer?

    When choosing a brass Y strainer, consider the following factors to ensure optimal performance. First, determine the required size based on the pipe diameter and flow rate of your system.

    1. Select a strainer with an appropriate mesh size, considering the particle size you want to capture.
    2. Evaluate the material compatibility for your application, ensuring the brass alloy is suitable for the fluid and environmental conditions.
    3. Check the pressure and temperature ratings to ensure they align with your system's operating parameters.
    4. Assess the design features, such as easy access for maintenance and a blowdown or clean-out port for efficient debris removal.
    5. Additionally, verify that the Y strainer meets industry standards and certifications, especially if used in potable water systems.
    6. Lastly, consider the reputation of the manufacturer for quality and reliability. By carefully considering these factors, you can choose a brass Y strainer that aligns with your system requirements and ensures effective filtration over its operational life.
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