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    20 amp GFCI Outlet, Electrical Receptacle

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    Low price GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlet is an electrical receptacle for commercial, household and lighting. 20 amp 125V GFI wall socket meets and exceeds 10 kA short circuit testing with 60Hz power frequency, working temperature range from -35℃ to 66℃.
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    ATO ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet is built to meet every need in commercial, industrial, household, institutional settings. This GFI socket has safe lock function, the reset button will not engage if protection has been compromised. The LED indicator light on our electrical receptacle gives a quick notification of a tripped or "end of life" condition.


    • Model: ATO-BGFCI-20
    • Rated Working Current: 20 amp
    • Rated Working Voltage: 125V
    • Power Frequency: 60Hz
    • Tripping Threshold: 5mA
    • Tripping Time: <25ms
    • Surge Current: 6000V/ 3000A, 6000V/ 10kA
    • Electric Strength: Pressure Resistance 1500V 50Hz
    • Duration: 1 Min
    • Working Temperature: -35℃ ~ 66℃
    • Insulation Resistance: >50MΩ (DC500V)
    • Short-Circuit Current: 10kA
    • Meet the Standard: UL498CSA-C22.2 NO.42, Housing Material Flame Retardant Grades UL94-V2

    Indicator: 2 LED Trip Indicators (Red & Green)

    • Red: The GFCI receptacle needs to be noticed. It is engineered to conduct a self-test internally every 5 minutes to ensure the protection is on. If the device fails the test, the red light is on to signal that it should be replaced.
    • Green: The GFCI receptacle has passed self-test and working properly.


    Dimenisons of 20 amp GFCI outlet

    Tips: How does a GFCI outlet work?

    A GFCI receptacle must be properly installed with one set of terminals connected directly to the live, neutral, and ground terminals of the power supply. When the circuit is active, this connection powers a set of circuits within the socket and indicates functionality via a green LED. Without power, the circuit will not work. So on these sockets, you cannot press the test or reset button until power is connected.

    Inside the socket, two small induction coils measure the current flowing through the live and neutral wires very accurately. These numbers should be equal in all cases. All current supplied through the hot wire should be returned through the neutral wire, regardless of whether the load is connected to this socket or downstream.

    If the current supplied by the hot wire exceeds the current in the neutral wire by more than 5mA, it immediately breaks the circuit with a small solenoid. If this overcurrent is detected, it means that the current somehow leaves the circuit and returns through another path to ground. If water is present, the return path may pass through any nearby metal.

    Purchase Guide

    In this video, we have developed a comprehensive guide that details the key factors to consider before making a purchase decision for outlets.

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    Easy to install.
    These 20 amp GFCI outlets are easy to install and good quality. Great bulk price saving and they work great. Cheaper to order here and I will buy again. Highly recommend.
    From: Bourdon | Date: 28/06/2022
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