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    20 HP (15kW) Hot Oil Pump

    Cost-effective centrifugal hot oil pump for sale. The head of this thermal oil transfer pump is 60m and the speed is 2900 r/min. Thermal oil transfer pump adopts with stainless steel material. The efficiency of hot oil pump is 55%.
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    Efficiency and reliability are key considerations in the design of hot oil pumps, as they are crucial for maintaining the overall efficiency of the industrial processes they support. The pumps are equipped with features like thermal insulation and advanced sealing mechanisms to minimize heat loss and prevent leakage.


    • Corrosion Resistance. Pumps used for hot oil applications are typically made from materials that resist corrosion, ensuring the longevity of the pump in harsh operating conditions.
    • Robust Construction. Hot oil pumps are built to be robust and durable, with materials chosen to withstand the thermal stresses associated with high-temperature operations.
    • Efficiency. Hot oil pumps are engineered for high efficiency to minimize energy consumption while effectively circulating the heat transfer fluid through the system.


    • Model: RY80-50-250A
    • Voltage: 380V
    • Power: 20 HP (15 kW)
    • Material: cast iron
    • Head: 60m
    • Capacity: 43 m3/h
    • Speed: 2900 r/min
    • Efficiency: 55%
    • Motor: 160M2
    • Seal Method: packing seal
    • Working Temperature: -20 ℃ ~ 350℃


    Hot oil pump structure

    1. Pump Casing 2. Impeller Nut 3. Impeller 4. Pump Cover
    5. Pump Shaft 6. Bearing 7. Bearing Casing 8. Oil-conducting Pipe
    9. Bearing's Press Cover 10. Bear Frame 11. Packing Seal  


    Hot oil pump application

    Tips: How does prevent cavitation in a hot oil pump?

    Cavitation in hot oil pumps can be prevented by ensuring proper design and maintenance. Use materials resistant to high temperatures and corrosive effects of oil. Maintain adequate inlet pressure to prevent vapor formation. Optimize pump speed and impeller design to minimize pressure differentials and turbulence. Regularly inspect and clean the pump to remove any debris or buildup that could impede flow. Employ anti-cavitation devices like inducers or diffusers if necessary. Additionally, monitoring temperature, pressure, and flow rates can help detect early signs of cavitation and take corrective actions promptly.

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