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    22μF 35V SMD Tantalum Capacitor

    Cost-effective 22μF 35V tantalum capacitor for sale online. 22μF tantalum capacitor with 35V voltage. Equivalent series resistance (ESR) of tantalum chip capacitor has good high frequency performance. SMD tantalum capacitor size is small, only 1 mm. 22μF SMD tantalum capacitor applies in large scale water filtration equipment and industrial equipment.
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    The tolerance of SMD tantalum capacitor is small, about 10%. 22μF tantalum capacitor is mainly used for filtering and energy storage..


    • Small volume and small capacity error
    • Wide temperature range, high temperature resistance
    • Long life, high insulation resistance, small leakage current
    • Equivalent series resistance (ESR) has good high frequency performance


    • Model: ATO-TC-22UF35SMD
    • Capacitance: 22μF
    • Rated Voltage: 35V
    • Type: D-SMD
    • Net Size: 1 mm
    • Height Mounting (Maximum): 1 mm
    • Equivalent Series Resistance: 1
    • Tolerance: 10%
    • Leading Spacing: Leadless
    • Working Temperature: -85 ℃— +125 ℃

    SMD Tantalum Capacitor Dimension: (Unit: mm)

    L= 7.3, S= 1.3, W1= 4.3, W2= 2.4, H= 2.8

    SMD tantalum capacitor dimension

    Tips: Factors that Increase the ESR Value

    • Bad electrical connections. The connection between the copper leads and the aluminum plates in the capacitor are usually welded or made using mechanical crimps. This type of connections introduces some series resistance, and is used because the aluminum cannot be soldered.
    • The drying of capacitor electrolyte solution. As the liquid component of the electrolyte dries out due to elevated temperatures, the electrical resistance increases.
    • ESR increases with increase in temperature and frequency. In power supplies with high currents, the power dissipation associated with the ESR may further increase the temperature and lead to capacitor failure.
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