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    25 hp (18.5 kW) Screw Pump, 380V

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    Single screw pump with 25 hp power and 720 r/min maximum allowable rotating speed for sale online. Coupling prevent the connected parts of mono screw pump from being subjected to excessive load and play a role in overload protection.
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    As a cubage pump, screw pump main operation parts are eccentric screw (rotator) and static bush (stator). Because of this pump as strong adaptability, smooth flow, inhaled can good, small pressure fluctuation, besides can transport all kinds of fluid medium.


    • Small mechanical vibration, no pulsation, stable operation.
    • Besides can transport all kinds of fluid medium, can also transport high viscous medium.
    • Flow is proportional to speed, with the help of the governor can realize the amount of automatic regulation.


    • Model: G70-2
    • Voltage: 380V
    • Power: 25 hp (18.5 kW)
    • Flow Rate: 38 m3/h
    • Pressure: 1.2 MPa
    • Max Speed: 720 r/min
    • NPSH: 5m
    • Suction Flange Diameter: 150 mm
    • Discharge Flange Diameter: 125 mm
    • Max Granule Size: 8 mm
    • Max Fibre Size: 70 mm


    Screw pump structure

    1. outlet 2. pull bar 3. stator 4. screw shaft
    5. gimbal 6. inlet 7. connect shaft 8. stuff seat
    9. stuff gland 10. bearing house 11. bearing 12. gearing shaft
    13. bearing cover 14. coupling 15. base plate 16. motor

    Tips: What is Stator and Rotor in Screw Pump?

    In a screw pump, the stator and rotor are the two main components that work together to pump fluids or viscous materials. The stator is the stationary part of the pump that typically consists of a metal or elastomeric material with a spiral-shaped cavity. The stator creates a tight seal with the rotor and the pump housing, which forms a series of chambers or cavities that move fluid or material through the pump. The rotor, on the other hand, is the rotating component of the pump that typically consists of a metal shaft with two or more helical threads. The rotor rotates inside the stator cavity, creating a series of expanding and contracting chambers that move fluid or material through the pump.

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    Efficient energy use
    This 25 hp progressive cavity pump operates at 18.5 kW, providing excellent energy efficiency. Its ability to minimise energy wastage when transferring liquids helps reduce operating costs.
    From: Meganla | Date: 19/09/2023
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