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    15 hp (11 kW) Screw Pump, 380V

    Good price screw pump with 15 hp power and 380V voltage. Screw type pump has good regulating performance and wide range. Because of this pump as strong adaptability, smooth flow, inhaled can good, small pressure fluctuation, besides can transport all kinds of fluid medium.
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    G series screw pump is the closed type screw pump with inside mesh, belong to rotate cubage pump. Escellent performance and high efficiency make screw pump widely applicate in environment protect and chemical.


    • Small mechanical vibration, no pulsation, stable operation.
    • Besides can transport all kinds of fluid medium, can also transport high viscous medium.
    • Flow is proportional to speed, with the help of the governor can realize the amount of automatic regulation.


    • Model: G60-1
    • Voltage: 380V
    • Power: 15 hp (11 kW)
    • Flow Rate: 22 m3/h
    • Pressure: 0.6 MPa
    • Max Speed: 720 r/min
    • NPSH: 5m
    • Suction Flange Diameter: 125 mm
    • Discharge Flange Diameter: 100 mm
    • Max Granule Size: 6 mm
    • Max Fibre Size: 60 mm


    Screw pump structure

    1. outlet 2. pull bar 3. stator 4. screw shaft
    5. gimbal 6. inlet 7. connect shaft 8. stuff seat
    9. stuff gland 10. bearing house 11. bearing 12. gearing shaft
    13. bearing cover 14. coupling 15. base plate 16. motor

    Tips: Why Do Screw Pumps Make Less Noise When Running?

    The smooth and continuous flow of fluid through the screws, without sudden changes in direction or velocity, also helps to reduce noise. This is in contrast to other types of pumps that may generate noise due to turbulence or cavitation, which can occur when fluid flow is interrupted or changes direction abruptly.

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