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    7.5 hp (5.5 kW) Screw Pump, 380V

    Mono screw pump with 7.5 hp power and 720 r/min maximum allowable rotating speed. The allowable fiber length of this screw oil pump is 50 mm. Screw pump often used in chemical industry, power plant and printing.
    SKU: ATO-SP-075HP
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    Because of variable transport of screw pump, strong self-priming ability, reversible, can transport liquid containing solid particles and other characteristics. In sewage treatment plants, is widely used in the transport of water and sludge.


    • Small mechanical vibration, no pulsation, stable operation.
    • Besides can transport all kinds of fluid medium, can also transport high viscous medium.
    • Flow is proportional to speed, with the help of the governor can realize the amount of automatic regulation.


    • Model: G50-1
    • Voltage: 380V
    • Power: 7.5 hp (5.5 kW)
    • Flow Rate: 14 m3/h
    • Pressure: 0.6 MPa
    • Max Speed: 720 r/min
    • NPSH: 4.5m
    • Suction Flange Diameter: 100 mm
    • Discharge Flange Diameter: 80 mm
    • Max Granule Size: 5 mm
    • Max Fibre Size: 50 mm


    Screw pump structure

    1. outlet 2. pull bar 3. stator 4. screw shaft
    5. gimbal 6. inlet 7. connect shaft 8. stuff seat
    9. stuff gland 10. bearing house 11. bearing 12. gearing shaft
    13. bearing cover 14. coupling 15. base plate 16. motor

    Tips: What are the Disadvantages of Screw Pump?

    • Higher cost. Screw pumps can be more expensive than other types of pumps due to their more complex design and the materials used in their construction.
    • High maintenance. Screw pumps have more moving parts than other types of pumps, which can make them more difficult and expensive to maintain. Additionally, the screw and casing must be carefully machined to ensure proper clearance, which can add to the cost of manufacturing and maintenance.
    • Susceptibility to clogging. Screw type pumps can be more susceptible to clogging than other types of pumps, particularly if the fluid being pumped contains debris or other materials that can block the screw or the casing.
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