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    3/4" Plastic Foot Valve, UPVC Non Return Valve

    The provided 3/4" (DN20) foot valve is a UPVC check valve used to prevent backflow and maintain fluid pressure. Flanged non-return valve with 16kg nominal pressure, commonly used in irrigation, water supply and other applications.
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    Buy high quality 3/4 inch (DN20)  foot valve at low price. It is a water pump check valve. The UPVC foot valve cover is equipped with a screen to prevent the inflow of impurities and avoid clogging.


    • Model: ATO-H42F-10S
    • Port Size: 3/4 inch, DN20
    • Nominal Pressure: 16kg
    • Type: Foot Valve
    • Body Material: UPVC
    • Connection Form: Flange
    • Weight: 0.49kg
    • Suitable Medium: Water


    • The foot valve is mainly used in pumps and other mechanical equipment for slurry treatment. It is usually installed at the bottom of the pump's underwater suction pipe to limit the return of the liquid in the pump pipe to the water source.
    • There are many water inlets and ribs on the foot valve cover, equipped with a screen to prevent impurities from flowing in and reduce clogging.
      With good sealing performance, small pressure loss and strong hydraulic performance, the
    • UPVC foot valve is an ideal water pump supporting facility for petrochemical, chemical, textile, printing and dyeing, metallurgy, mining, drainage, irrigation industries, etc.

     Dimension (Unit: mm)

    UPVC foot valve dimension Nominal Diameter DN20
    D1 105
    D2 75
    L 168
    h 16
    N-Φ 4-Φ17x20


    Foot valve is a type of valve that is used in pumping systems to prevent the backflow of fluids. UPVC foot valve is used in various applications such as irrigation, water supply, and other fluid handling systems where backflow prevention is necessary.

    UPVC foot valve applications

    Tips: Advantages of UPVC Foot Valve

    There are several advantages of using a UPVC foot valve in fluid handling systems, including:

    • Chemical resistance: UPVC is resistant to a wide range of chemicals, making it ideal for use in applications where chemical exposure is likely.
    • Corrosion resistance: UPVC is non-corrosive, so it does not rust or degrade when exposed to moisture or corrosive substances, which makes it suitable for use in harsh environments.
    • Lightweight: UPVC is a lightweight material, which makes it easier to handle and install than metal valves. It also reduces the overall weight of the system, which can be an advantage in certain applications.
    • Low cost: UPVC foot valves are typically less expensive than their metal counterparts, making them a cost-effective option for many applications.
    • Easy maintenance: UPVC foot valves are easy to maintain and require minimal upkeep compared to metal valves, which may require more frequent maintenance to prevent corrosion or other issues.
    • Long service life: UPVC foot valves have a long service life and can withstand years of use without degradation, which can help reduce the need for frequent replacements and save costs over time.
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