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    G3/8" Pneumatic Shuttle Valve

    Buy G3/8 inch pneumatic shuttle valve at low price. This is a type of valve used in pneumatic systems to control the flow of compressed air. It allows air to flow from one inlet to either of two outlets, depending on the position of a shuttle mechanism inside the valve.
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    Pneumatic shuttle valves are commonly used in applications where it's necessary to switch between two pneumatic circuits or devices using a single control signal. They can be found in various industrial applications, such as automated manufacturing processes, pneumatic control systems, and robotics.


    • Model: ATO-ST-03
    • Working Medium: Air
    • Effective Sectional Area: 40mm2
    • Joint Pipe Port: G3/8 inch
    • Working Pressure Range: 0~1.0MPa
    • Operating Temperature Range: 0~60℃

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Pneumatic shuttle valve dimension

    Model A B C D E F G
    ATO-ST-03 75 48 30 7 50 42 G3/8"

    Tips: How do you install a pneumatic shuttle valve?

    To install a pneumatic shuttle valve, first, ensure the compressed air system is depressurized. Identify the inlet and outlet ports on the valve body. Connect the incoming air line to the inlet port and the two outgoing lines to the outlet ports. Confirm the arrow on the valve points toward the desired outlet for normal flow. Secure the connections using appropriate fittings and tighten them to prevent leaks. Mount the valve securely using brackets or other mounting hardware. Ensure the valve is oriented correctly to allow proper functioning. Once installed, pressurize the system and test the valve's operation by applying and releasing pressure to the inlet port, confirming that the shuttle valve redirects air flow as intended. Make any adjustments necessary for optimal performance and recheck for leaks.

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