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    5 hp (3.8 kW) AC Servo Motor, 15 Nm, 2500 rpm

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    5 hp (3.8 kW) AC servo motor is a high torque servo motor, 3-phase 220V/380V AC input, with rated speed of 2500 rpm, rated torque of 15 Nm, peak torque up to 30 Nm. Several feedback options are available such as incremental encoder and absolute encoder.
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    Low cost AC servo motor, brushless design, 3.8 kW (5 hp), with a rated speed of 2500 rpm, maximum speed of 5500 rpm, 17 amps, three phase 220V or 380V AC input, providing excellent dynamic response.

    Basic Specifications

    • Model: ATO150CST-M15025
    • Matched Drive Model: ATOMG-1000
    • Rated Power: 3.8 kW (5 hp)
    • Rated Voltage: Three phase 220V AC (Optional: 380V AC)
    • Rated Current: 17 A
    • Rated Speed: 2500 rpm
    • Rated Torque: 15 Nm
    • Peak Torque: 30 Nm
    • Square Flange Size: 150 mm
    • Weight: 15 kg

    Technical Parameters

    • Torque Inertia: 3.88x10-3 Kg.m2
    • Brake Voltage: 24V DC
    • Incremental Encoder Line: 2500 PPR
    • Absolute Encoder: 17 bit, 23 bit
    • Insulation Class: Class F
    • Protection Grade: IP65


    1. Accuracy: ATO AC servo motors realize closed-loop control of position, speed and torque, overcome the problem of stepper motor out-of-step.
    2. Speed: Good high-speed performance, rated speed can reach 1000-3000 rpm.
    3. Adaptability: ATO heavy duty servo motors with strong anti-overload capability, able to withstand a load three times the rated torque, especially suitable for occasions with instant load fluctuations and requiring quick start.
    4. Stable: Our AC brushless servo motors have smooth low-speed operation, no stepping phenomenon similar to stepper motor will occur when running at low speed, suitable for occasions occasions requiring fast response.
    5. Timeliness: The dynamic response time of motor acceleration and deceleration is short, generally within tens of milliseconds.
    6. Safety: ATO AC servo motor protection grade is IP65, which meets the waterproof and dustproof requirements.

    Dimension (unit=mm)

    servo motor 150 dimension

    LA (without brake): 230mm, LA (with brake): 303mm


    3.8KW AC Servo Motor Details

    Winding and Encoder Connection

    1. For servo motor winding

    Motor Winding Plug Winding Lead U V W PE
    Socket Number 2 3 4 1

    2. For incremental encoder

    Incremental Encoder Socket (15 Pin) Signal Definition 5V 0V A+ B+ Z+ A- B- Z- U+ V+ W+ U- V- W- PE
    Socket Number 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 1

    3. For absolute encoder

    Absolute Encoder Socket (7 Pin) Signal Definition E- E+ SD- 0V SD+ 5V PE
    Socket Number 2 3 4 5 6 7 1

    Tips: 3 braking mode of servo motor

    1. Regenerative braking can work only when servo motor operates normally. The motor cannot brake in some conditions, such as malfunction, emergency stopping, power off, etc. Dynamic brake and electromagnetic brake can work without power supply.
    2. The regenerative braking can operate in system automatically, but dynamic braking and electromagnetic braking cannot operate without outer relay control.
    3. Electromagnetic braking generally turns on after SV OFF, otherwise, it may cause the amplifier overload. Dynamic braking generally turns on after SV OFF or main circuit is shut off, otherwise, it may cause the dynamic braking resistor overheating.
    Existing reviews of 5 hp (3.8 kW) AC Servo Motor, 15 Nm, 2500 rpm
    Can you confirm that is ok for servo motors?
    Question on voltage. The 380V AC rated voltage, can it work with an inverter powered with 800V DC?
    I design my own inverter, so the question is more on isolation of the phases. The outputs will be 3-phase, with average of 380V, although it is an inverter.
    So the outputs will be PWM squares with peaks of 800V DC with variable duty cycles. Can you confirm that it is ok for these motors?
    From: skyla | Date: 04/04/2023
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    ATO Responded
    This servo controller is powered by sine wave 3-phase 380V AC.
    We are not sure if using the 380V output from the inverter (PWM squares) will match our servo controller.
    We have not used it in this way and can not guarantee compatibility.
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