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    3-Cup Anemometer, 0~60 m/s Wind Speed, RS 485 Output

    3-cup anemometer with wind speed measurement range of 0~60 m/s. Optional output signal pulse/4-20mA current/RS-485/0-2V~10V voltage, limit wind speed 70 m/s, power supply DC 5-24V or 12-24V, ingress protection IP65. Wind speed sensor for air velocity testing, small size, portable, good price.
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    Three-cup anemometer for sale online. Wind speed range 0~60 m/s, output signals pulse/4-20mA/RS-485/0-2V/5V/10V for selection. The air velocity sensor outputs voltage and current signals by electromagnetic induction, the value and horizontal wind speed are linear relation.


    Model ATO-RK100-01
    Output Signal (Optional) Pulses 4-20mA RS-485 0-2V/ 0-5V/ 0-10V
    Power Supply DC 5-24V DC 12-24V DC 12-24V DC 12-24V
    Load Capacity >2kΩ <500Ω - >2kΩ
    Wind Speed Range 0~60 m/s
    Accuracy ± (0.3 + 0.03V) m/s (V is the current wind speed)
    Response Time <1s
    Starting Threshold <0.3 m/s
    Limit Wind Speed 70 m/s
    Ingress Protection IP65
    Operating Temperature -30 ~ +70℃
    Net Weight 240g
    Dimension Cup rotor: Ф 220mm, Height: 175mm
    Main Material Cup: 304 stainless steel, main body: aluminum alloy
    Finish Polyester powder electrostatic spraying (black))
    Storage Condition 10~60℃ @ 20%-90% RH


    • 3-cup anemometer has built-in digital circuit, with strong anti-RFI and EMI ability and automatic temperature compensation function.
    • Shell of the wind speed sensor is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, wind cups are made of 304 stainless steel, and the PCB board is coated with anti-corrosion coating. Waterproof and corrosion resistant.
    • The wind speed gauge has a sealing ring inside and at the rotating position, which has good sealing performance and prevents water, salt spray and dust from entering.
    • The three-cup anemometer has low starting threshold, strong corrosion resistant ability, massive all-metal construction, easy Installation.

    3-Cup Anemometer Output Characteristics

    • Pulses Output

    Characteristic transfer function:

    V = 0.667*F

    (where V = wind speed (m/s), F = output frequency (Hz) )

    • Current Output

    Current output diagram of 0-60 m/s 3-Cup Anemometer

    • Voltage Output

    Characteristic transfer function:

    V = U/ (full scale voltage - zero point voltage) * 30

    (where V = wind speed (m/s), U = output voltage (V) )

    • RS-485 Output

    lf the transmission distance is over 100m, please add a 120Q terminal matching resistances on the front endand back end of bus interface respectively. See the modbus communication protocol specification.

    3-Cup Anemometer Dimension Diagram (Unit: mm)

    Dimension diagram of 3-Cup Anemometer, 0~60 m/s Wind Speed, RS 485 Output

    Tips: 0-10V output signal conversion calculation for 0-60m/s anemometer.

    3-cup anemometer wind speed range is 0~60m/s, 0-10V output. When the output signal is 5V, calculate the current wind speed value.

    The span of this wind speed range is 60m/s, expressed by a 10V voltage signal,
    60m/s ÷ 10V = 6m/s /V, that is, a voltage of 1V represents a wind speed change of 6m/s.

    The measured value is 5V - 0V = 5V. 5V*6m/s /V = 30m/s. The current wind speed is 30m/s.

    The calculation formula is:
    Wind speed = 6*voltage, the unit of voltage value is V.

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