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    3-Cup Anemometer, 0~70 m/s Wind Speed, RS 485 Output

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    ATO 3-cup anemometer for sale online, competitive price. Measuring wind speed range 0~70 m/s, selectable output signal pulse/current 4-20mA/RS-485/RS-232/voltage 0-5V, power supply DC 5V or 9-30V. Wind speed sensor with relay function, can be directly based on air velocity value of other equipment to switch and control.
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    3-cup anemometer with 0-70 m/s wind speed measurement range. With relay function, the three-cup wind speed sensor can be directly based on wind speed value of other equipment for switching control. It can also output wind speed RS 485 signal, pulse and voltage signals. The air velocity gauge has wide applications in advertising barrier, weather station, ocean, environment, airport, port, laboratory, industry and agriculture and transportation, etc.


    Model ATO-YGC-FS
    Output Signal (Optional) Pulse: high 5V, low 0V level signal
    Wind Speed Range 0~70 m/s
    Accuracy ± (0.4 + 0.03V) m/s (V: Real-time wind speed value)
    Power Supply (Optional) DC 5V, 9-30V
    Resolution 0.1 m/s
    Starting Wind Speed ≤0.5 m/s
    Operating Temperature -36 ~ +60℃, humidity ≤100% RH
    Protection Class IP64
    Cable Rating 300V 80℃
    Max Power Consumption 0.48W

    3-Cup Anemometer Wiring

    Wire Color Output Signal
    Pulse RS-485 RS-232
    Brown Vcc Vcc Vcc
    Black 0V 0V Computer RX serial port Foot 2
    Blue Signal + 485-B Computer TX serial port Foot 3
    Green Signal - 485-A 0V

    3-Cup Anemometer Dimension Diagram (Unit: mm)

    Dimension of 3-Cup Anemometer, 0~70 m/s Wind Speed

    lnstallation Aperture Distribution Diameter Air Diameter
    3.2mm 63mm 15mm

    Tips: Precautions for 0~45 m/s 3-cup anemometer installation.

    • When the 3-cup anemometer is unpacked, it should be checked carefully for any signs of shipping damage.
    • Proper placement of the wind speed sensor is very important. Eddies from trees, buildings, or other structures will greatly influence wind speed observations.
    • To get meaningful data for most applications, locate the 3-cup anemometer well above or upwind from obstructions.
    • For some applications, it may not be practical or necessary to meet these requirements.
    • Flange mounted, fix four screws on the bracket and keep the wind speed sensor horizontal.
    • Connector dimension: Ф15mm (recommended reserving Ф25mm for wiring).
    Existing reviews of 3-Cup Anemometer, 0~70 m/s Wind Speed, RS 485 Output
    Useful anemometer
    I need to go fishing by boat. This anemometer is very useful to me. By it I can know the approximate wind direction and wind speed, which is important for the fishing activities. It deserves five stars.
    From: schlereth | Date: 30/05/2022
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    Wonderful anemometer
    It seems to be doing well for this price. I use a 3-cup anemometer to check the wind speed around the house, and the effect is very good. It is easy to use and meets my needs.
    From: Aonghus | Date: 29/05/2022
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    Great 3-cup Anemometer
    My friend recommended it to me. I bought this 3-cup anemometer after I used it on his boat. The wind speed data is quite accurate.
    From: Zaalia | Date: 28/05/2022
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