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    3 Phase 2 hp (1.5kW) Regenerative Blower, 380V, 124cfm

    ATO best sale three-phase regenerative blower has high-power and large airflow, which are 2 hp and 124 cfm respectively. 380V power supply, -200 mbar rated vacuum pressure, 190 mbar rated compress pressure. High pressure, built-in protection, good heat dissipation performance, not easy to burn.
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    ATO provides cheap price high pressure 1500W regenerative blower online. It can meet your air volume demand of 210 m³/ h and the noise is as low as 64 decibels.


    Model ATO-2PB510H26
    Phase 3
    Frequency 50
    Power 2 hp (1.5 kW)
    Voltage (AC) △220-240V / Y345-415V
    Current 7.5△ A / 4.3Y A
    Max airflow 210 m³/ h (124 cfm)
    Rated vacuum pressure -200 mbar
    Rated compress pressure 190 mbar
    Noise 64 dB (A)
    Weight 26 kg

    Dimention (Unit: mm)

    Dimension of ATO 2 hp regenerative blower

    A B C D E F G H J K L M N O ΦP Q ΦR S U V (1~) V' (1~) V1 (3~) V1' (3~) YXZ X-HOLES ΦX W
    334 337 120 260 295 346 191 175 128 115 155 96 87 48 55 72 14 4 M8X17 / / M25X1.5 M16X1.5 M8X20 0°/ 120°/ 240° 200 29

    Tips: Features of 3 phase 2 hp (1.6 kW) high pressure regenerative blower

    • High power and low energy consumption. The 2 hp (1.6 kW) high pressure regenerative blower can still operate safely even when the application scene changes.
    • The equipment is simple and can be installed in the horizontal or vertical direction.
    • High reliability. The 3-phase 2 hp (1.6 kW) high pressure vortex blower has no moving parts except the impeller, almost free of repairs.
    • Low tremor. The mechanical precision of the high pressure regenerative blower is high, and the rotating parts have passed precise balance planning, inspection, and correction, so the vibration rate is very low.
    • Low noise. Directly driven by a low-noise motor, with a built-in silencer to reduce operating noise.
    • The structure is stable. The 1.6 kW 3 phase high pressure regenerative blower is made of aluminum alloy and milled alloy, which is different from ordinary aluminum or iron shell high pressure fans, and is more stable and durable.
    • There are many types of ATO high pressure blowers. In addition to the three phase 2 hp vortex blowers with high pressure and large air volume, you can also buy 3 phase 1.1 hp regenerative blowers, 3 phase 0.7 hp regenerative blowers, etc., which can be used flexibly.
    • No oil and no pollution.
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