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    300 hp (220 kW) VFD, 3 Phase 240V, 415V, 460V

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    Economic 300 hp (220 kW) variable frequency drive (VFD) for energy savings, vary motor speed and make motor in soft starting to avoid inrush current, IP20, 426 amps, V/F & vector control.
    SKU: GK3000-4T2200G
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    300 hp VFD, 220 kW VFD option for 240V, 415V, 460V etc, brand new direct sale by manufacturer.


    Basics Model GK3000-4T2200G
    Capacity 300 hp (220 kW)
    Shipping weight 115 kg
    Dimension 810*640*350 mm
    I/O Feature Rated current 426A at 380V ~ 480V, 820A at 220V ~ 240V
    Input voltage Three phase 240V /415V /460V AC ±15% (Optional)
    Input frequency 50Hz/ 60Hz
    Output voltage Three phase AC 0~input voltage
    Output frequency 0Hz~1000Hz
    Over load capacity 150 % of rated current for 1 minute, 200 % of rated current for 1 seconds
    Control Feature Control mode V/F control;
    Sensorless vector control;
    Communication RS485
    Speed regulation 1:100
    Start torque 150% of rating torque at 1 Hz
    Speed control accuracy ≤±0.5% of rating synchronous speed
    Frequency precision Digital setting: max frequency x± 0.01%;
    Analog setting: max frequency x± 0.2%
    Frequency resolution Analog setting: 0.1% of max frequency;
    Digital setting: 0.01Hz
    Torque boost Automatic torque boost, manual torque boost 0.1%~30.0%
    Interior PID controller Be convenient to make closed-loop system
    Automatic energy save running Optimize V/F curve automatically based on the load to realize power save running
    Automatic voltage regulation (AVR) Can keep constant output voltage when power source voltage varies.
    Automatic current limiting Limit running current automatically to avoid frequent over-current which will cause trip
    Environment Enclosure rating IP 20
    Temperature –10℃~ +40℃; VFD will be derated if ambient temperature exceed 40℃; each rise 1℃, the derate will be 5%
    Humidity 5%-95%, without condensation
    Altitude ≤1000m; VFD will be derated if above 1000m
    Impingement and oscillation Normal running:<5.9m/s2 (0.6g); Transportation:<15m/s2 (1.5g)
    Store environment –20℃~ +60℃; no dust, no corrosive gas, no direct sunlight

    Tips: Variable frequency drive development trend

    1. Low electromagnetic noise and mute
      In addition to using the high frequency carrier sine wave SPWM modulation to achieve low noise, the VFD input side plus AC reactor or active power factor correction circuit APFC, and the inverter circuit also using SOFT-PWM control technology to improve the input current waveform, reduce the harmonic wave of the grid. The VFD meets the EMC international standard in anti-interference and inhibits the higher harmonic, and to achieve clean energy conversion.
    2. Customization
      The new VFD in order to better play the unique function of frequency control technology, and as far as possible to meet the needs of field control, derived from a number of customization models such as fan water pump air-conditioning dedicated model, heavy machinery dedicated model, AC elevator dedicated model, textile machinery dedicated model and so on.
    3. Systematic
      In addition to the development of digital, intelligent and multi-functional, the VFD is also developing to the integrated and systematic direction. The purpose is to provide the best system functions for users.
    4. Network
      The VFD can provide a variety of compatible communication interface, and can support a variety of different communication protocols. The built-in RS485 interface is able to input operation command and set the function code data from the computer.
    Existing reviews of 300 hp (220 kW) VFD, 3 Phase 240V, 415V, 460V
    Easy Installation
    I bought this 300hp VFD to power my J1 Head Bridgeport.
    I read the instructions two or three times before I started the install. Installation was really easy, just needed to hookup my motor's wiring to UVW and 220 Vac.
    I setup the VFD to match my motor's specification, I did this manually and not with the autotune setting, easy once you read the manual.
    From: zhl | Date: 26/04/2022
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    I'm looking for a VFD for a pump motor.
    I am looking to select a VFD appropriate for a pump motor. I was looking at SKU GK3000-SP1S1-1d5 to go along with a pump motor we may purchase: 1/3 HP, single phase, FLA 7/4 @ 115/230V. Can you please confirm if this is a good option?
    From: Katy | Date: 24/01/2022
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    ATO Responded
    As long as your motor will be configured for 1-phase, 230V and your supply voltage (VFD input) is 110/120V, then VFD of GK3000-SP1S1-1d5 will be the appropriate drive for your pump motor.
    An additional question
    The compressor we will be driving has a permanent magnet synchronous motor.
    Is the GK3000-2S0055G compatible with that type of motor, or can it drive just induction motors?
    Must I choose vector control, or are V/F and vector control both viable options?
    From: Warrior | Date: 23/12/2021
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    ATO Responded
    Good news! Our GK9000 series VFD new generation can control permanent magnet synchronous motors, but you must choose a vector control.
    Provide you magnet synchronous motors power, voltage, rated current, maximum current, or send us its name plate picture, so you can recommend the most suited model.
    Operating temperature of VFD
    If I'm going to use a 7.5 hp 230v 3 phase motor and the input is 240v single phase, will the 7.5 vfd be sufficient or will I need to upsize VFD. It will be installed in a garage, so it will have to deal with the summer heat and cold winter ambient temperature. Continuos duty.
    From: Naylor | Date: 08/10/2021
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    ATO Responded
    Generally, make 15% oversizing. And our VFD temperature range: –10℃~ +40℃; VFD will be derated if ambient temperature exceeds 40℃; each rise 1℃, the derate will be 5%.
    Factors affecting the shortening of VFD service life
    I have been told that using a VFD with one phase motor shortens the lifespan and also runs the motor hot. Does this 300 hp VFD not have those issues?
    From: Ramon | Date: 31/03/2021
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    ATO Responded
    No, most of modern motors works fine. Any way the motor will work very good with the VFD if the motor is VFD duty. So, it depends on your motor specs.
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