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    3-4" Range Digital Micrometer, 0.0001 Inch Accuracy

    Digital metric outside micrometer with digital and graduated display, micrometer range 3 to 4 inches (75 to 100mm), accurate to 0.0001 inches, resolution 0.00005 inches. The tighter tolerances on the digital micrometer ratchet and spindle assembly create extremely smooth and accurate movement.
    SKU: ATO-DM-N7100
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    Buy a professional digital outer diameter micrometer online, the measuring range is 3~4", the digital micrometer gauge measures in millimeters and inches, and the large screen clearly provides digital readings. This digital outer diameter micrometer can also be used for accurate measurement in harsh environments measurement.


    Model ATO-DGN7-75100
    Digital Display Scale Digital display + scale
    Range 50~75mm (3~4 inch)
    Resolution 0.001 mm (0.00005 inch)
    Accuracy ±0.003mm (0.0001 inch)
    Metric to English Conversion Yes
    Home Position Measurement Yes
    Data Hold Yes
    Power Supply LR44 button cell
    Out of Tolerance Alert Yes
    Scale Body Quality High quality steel
    Product Process Surface spraying
    Scale Process Laser scale
    Packaging Drop-proof blow mold box


    Set zero

     Digital micrometer zeroing method

    1. Wipe the probe measuring.
    2. Probe closure.
    3. Lock the screw with the stopper.
    4. Use a wrench to pull the fixing sleeve until the zero line is aligned.

    Tips: How to calibrate a digital micrometer?

    When checking whether the zero position of the digital micrometer is calibrated, the screw and the measuring anvil should be in contact, occasionally it may happen that the two do not separate when the force-measuring device is rotated backward. In this case, the left palm of the left hand can be used to press against the left side of the anvil on the ruler frame, the right palm of the right hand can be pressed against the force measuring device, and then the knob can be turned in the counterclockwise direction with the fingers to separate the screw and the anvil.

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