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    2-3" Range Digital Micrometer, 0.0001 Inch Accuracy

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    The digital tube micrometer ranges from 2" to 3" (50 to 75 mm) with an accuracy of 0.0001" (0.003 mm), measures in metric and inches and provides a digital readout on a clear LCD screen. The digital micrometer is ideal for precise measurement of parts in mechanical engineering, machining and most mechanical industries.
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    Digital outside micrometer for sale, micrometer is accurate to 0.0001 inch, range is 2 to 3 inches, large LCD display for easy reading, with mm/inch conversion and data hold function. Digital micrometer carbide anvil and spindle for added durability and precision.


    Model ATO-DGN7-5075
    Digital Display Scale Digital display + scale
    Range 50~75mm (2~3 inch)
    Resolution 0.001 mm (0.00005 inch)
    Accuracy ±0.003mm (0.0001 inch)
    Metric to English Conversion Yes
    Home Position Measurement Yes
    Data Hold Yes
    Power Supply LR44 button cell
    Out of Tolerance Alert Yes
    Scale Body Quality High quality steel
    Product Process Surface spraying
    Scale Process Laser scale
    Packaging Drop-proof blow mold box


    Set zero

     Digital micrometer zeroing method

    1. Wipe the probe measuring.
    2. Probe closure.
    3. Lock the screw with the stopper.
    4. Use a wrench to pull the fixing sleeve until the zero line is aligned.

    Tips: What is the zero calibration of a digital outside micrometer?

    When using the dry scale, first check whether its zero position is calibrated, so first loosen the locking device, and remove the oil, especially the contact surface between the measuring anvil and the micrometer screw should be cleaned. Check whether the end face of the differential cylinder coincides with the zero line on the fixed casing, if not, you should first rotate the knob until the screw is close to the anvil, rotate the force measuring device, when the screw is just in contact with the anvil will hear a click sound, then stop turning. If the two zero lines still do not overlap (the two zero lines overlap is marked by: the end of the differential cylinder

    If the two zero lines still do not coincide (the sign of the coincidence of the two zero lines is that the end of the differential cylinder coincides with the zero line of the fixed scale and the zero line of the movable scale coincides with the horizontal line of the fixed scale), the small screw on the fixed casing can be loosened and the position of the casing adjusted with a special spanner so that the two zero lines are aligned and then the small screw tightened.

    Existing reviews of 2-3" Range Digital Micrometer, 0.0001 Inch Accuracy
    A digital micrometer worth buying
    The digital micrometer works well and what I like most about it is the zeroing function which allows me to reset the measurements easily. I am happy with my purchase and would recommend this micrometer to others.
    From: jesper | Date: 19/02/2023
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