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    0-1" Range Digital Micrometer, 0.00007 Inch Accuracy

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    Electronic digital micrometer with high-definition LCD large screen, measuring range 0 to 1 inch, with ABS comparative measurement, data hold function, tolerance setting, over-run prompt, and other functions. The accuracy of the micrometer is 0.0007" and the durable carbide tip ensures the reliability of the micrometer.
    SKU: ATO-DM-N7025
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    Digital point micrometer measuring range 0 to 1" (0 to 25 mm), resolution 0.00005", accuracy 0.00007". The electronic digital display micrometer adopts a high-definition large LCD screen and a laser scale design, which can be read even when the power is off.


    Model ATO-DGN7-025
    Digital Display Scale Digital display + scale
    Range 0~25mm (0~1 inch)
    Resolution 0.001 mm (0.00005 inch)
    Accuracy ±0.002mm (0.00007 inch)
    Metric to English Conversion Yes
    Home Position Measurement Yes
    Data Hold Yes
    Power Supply LR44 button cell
    Out of Tolerance Alert Yes
    Scale Body Quality High quality steel
    Product Process Surface spraying
    Scale Process Laser scale
    Packaging Drop-proof blow mold box


    Set zero

     Digital micrometer zeroing method

    1. Wipe the probe measuring.
    2. Probe closure.
    3. Lock the screw with the stopper.
    4. Use a wrench to pull the fixing sleeve until the zero line is aligned.

    Tips: How to maintain the digital outside micrometer?

    • Digital outside micrometer should be used after the timely cleaning of the anvil or other parts of the impurities, oil, or moisture adhering to the anvil, in order to save and later use.
    • Store the digital micrometer, so that the two anvils slightly maintain the distance between, for example, 0.1MM, forbidden to apply force to make the two anvils end face in a close combination of the state of storage.
    • Micrometers should be placed in the prescribed location, in order to facilitate their use and management, if necessary, they should be protected, such as into the packaging box, shall not be measured and tools, tools mixed.
    • It is strictly forbidden to temporarily use measuring instruments as a tool.
    • Pay attention to the use or storage process, gauges fall, bump, or other damage, if the above happens, should immediately check to confirm. If necessary, use the fact to re-calibrate to ensure that the gauge meets the requirements of use.
    • Do not use your hands to directly touch the micrometer screw and the two sides of the probe, to avoid fingerprints caused by the message rust and measurement errors.
    • Can not hand hold the digital blade micrometer differential cylinder arbitrary shaking, to prevent the screw from too quickly wearing and damage.
    Existing reviews of 0-1" Range Digital Micrometer, 0.00007 Inch Accuracy
    Digital micrometer with reasonable price and accurate accuracy
    I bought the 0 to 1 inch micrometer because it was easier to read and more accurate, the price was reasonable, and the micrometer was much better than expected. What do I not love about it?
    From: Miles | Date: 30/01/2023
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