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    0-1" Range Digital Micrometer, 0.00005 Inch Accuracy

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    The digital micrometers provide the ability to switch between metric (mm) and imperial (inch) measurements, with a measuring range of 1 to 2 inches (0-25 mm) and a resolution of up to 0.00005 inch. The powerful IP65 protection level makes the digital micrometers not afraid of harsh measurement environments.
    SKU: ATO-DM-J025
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    Waterproof electronic micrometer with high definition LCD, measuring range 1-2", accuracy 0.001mm, digital micrometer with ABS point measurement, data hold function, 3V high capacity lithium battery for digital micrometer measurement to provide lasting power.


    Model ATO-JZ0-25
    Digital Display Scale Digital display + scale
    Range 0~25mm (0~1 inch)
    Resolution 0.001 mm (0.00005 inch)
    Accuracy ±0.002mm (0.00005 inch)
    Metric to English Conversion Yes
    Home Position Measurement Yes
    Data Hold Yes
    Power Supply LR44 button cell
    Out of Tolerance Alert Yes
    Scale Body Quality High quality steel
    Product Process Surface spraying
    Scale Process Laser scale
    Packaging Drop-proof blow mold box


    Set zero

     Digimatic outside micrometer zeroing method

    1. Wipe the probe measuring.
    2. Probe closure.
    3. Lock the screw with the stopper.
    4. Use a wrench to pull the fixing sleeve until the zero line is aligned.

    Tips: What is a digital micrometer?

    A digital micrometer is a kind of length measuring tool with higher accuracy than calipers because it is measured by screw rotation, so the measuring range is only 25mm, so the micrometer also has a variety of length measuring specifications 0 ~ 25mm, 25 ~ 50mm, 50 ~ 75mm, 75 ~ 100mm, 100 ~ 125mm and so on several kinds. Digital micrometers can display accurate measurements in small ranges. Advanced and more accurate models can easily measure distances down to 0.001mm. This accuracy when measuring small objects translates into accuracy for the entire project being carried out.

    Existing reviews of 0-1" Range Digital Micrometer, 0.00005 Inch Accuracy
    The micrometer with a very large display!
    With a fresh battery installed, the digital micrometer zeroed easily, held its zero admirably after repeated measurements, and was easy to use. The unit produced fully repeatable measurements to the last digit on the display.
    From: Mobley | Date: 08/02/2023
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