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    40000 lbs Hydraulic Winch

    Heavy duty hydraulic winch comes with 40mm diameter rope for sale at favorable price, 40000 lbs (20 ton) capacity, planetary reduction ratio 1:55, rope speed 0~15 m/min. This hydraulic winch is used for lifting or pulling heavy loads using hydraulic power on tractor, skid steer, rollback, truck and excavator.
    SKU: ATO-HWINCH-40000
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    Hydraulic winch is a device that uses hydraulic power to reel in or let out a cable or rope. It is commonly used in heavy-duty applications such as towing, construction, and off-road vehicles. The hydraulic system provides the necessary force and control for efficient pulling and lifting operations.


    Model ATO-HW200-200
    The 1st Layer Pull 40000 lbs (20 ton)
    Rope Speed 0~15 m/min
    Working Pressure Differential 16 Mpa
    Oil Flow Supply 240 L/min
    Rope Diameter 40mm
    Hydraulic Motor BMR-600
    Planetary Reduction Ratio 1:55
    Layer Wire Rope Capacity
    1 36m
    2 55m
    3 85m
    4 110m

    Note*: Never exceed working load limit.

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    40000 lbs (20 ton) Hydraulic Winch Dimensions

    Tips: Hydraulic winch for fishing boats

    A hydraulic winch is a vital piece of equipment commonly used in fishing boats to facilitate the process of hauling and deploying fishing nets, traps, and other heavy equipment. It is specifically designed to handle the demanding tasks involved in fishing operations.

    The hydraulic winch operates using hydraulic power, which is generated by a hydraulic system onboard the boat. This system consists of a hydraulic pump, hydraulic lines, and a hydraulic motor. The pump pressurizes hydraulic fluid, which is then directed through the lines to the motor, converting the hydraulic energy into mechanical power.

    The winch is typically mounted on the deck of the fishing vessel and features a drum around which the fishing line or net is wound. The hydraulic motor drives the drum, allowing for controlled and efficient retrieval or deployment of the fishing gear. The winch can be operated remotely from the boat's control station, providing convenience and safety to the crew.

    The hydraulic winch offers several advantages for fishing boats, including high lifting capacity, precise control, and durability. It can handle heavy loads with ease, ensuring the safe and efficient handling of fishing gear. Additionally, its hydraulic system provides smooth and gradual speed control, preventing sudden jerks that could damage the equipment or endanger crew members.

    Overall, the hydraulic winch plays a crucial role in enhancing the productivity and safety of fishing operations, making it an indispensable tool for fishing boats.

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