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    40W 24V 3000rpm DC Brushed Vibration Motor with Speed Controller

    24V DC brushed vibration motor, can select speed controller, 1.6A rated current, speed 3000rpm, frequency 50/60Hz, light weight, high insulation level, safe and reliable, waterproof, brushed vibration motor can be used for outdoor use.
    SKU: ATO-DCVBM-5024
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    Low cost brushed vibration motor, DC voltage 24 volt, 3000rpm, 1.6A, Insulation class F, vibration motor can be used for driving, providing conveying, screening, grading or compacting functions.


    Model ATO-MVB-50DC24
    Volatge 24V
    Current 1.6A
    Power 40W
    Speed 3000 rpm
    Force 50 Kg, 0.5 kN
    Frame No 8
    Protection Level IP65
    Insulation Grade F
    Weight 6kg
    Certificate CE

    40W DC Brushed Vibration Motor Dimension (unit: mm)
    40W dc brushed vibration motor dimension

    A B C D R F G H L K M N Cable Gland
    36 93 178 113 84.5 10 9 43 80 24 33.5 82 M16*1.5

    Tips: How to adjust the excitation force of a vertical vibration motor?

    Exciting force adjustment: Remove the additional block compression bolts, and adjust the excitation force by increasing or decreasing the number of additional blocks.

    Adjustment of the included angle between the upper and lower eccentric blocks: the upper eccentric block is a fixed block, and the lower eccentric block is an adjustable block, both of which are pressed on the motor shaft with fastening bolts. The two ends of the rotating shaft are engraved with reference lines. The outer surface of the lower eccentric block is equipped with a scale indicating the rotation angle. Loosen the compression bolts of the lower eccentric block, and rotate the lower eccentric block so that the angle scale mark on the lower eccentric block is aligned with the reference mark of the rotating shaft. Adjust the line to the desired angle, and tighten the compression bolt of the lower eccentric block; if you need to adjust the angle of the upper eccentric block, you can also adjust it according to the corresponding method.

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