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    470μF 25V SMD Electrolytic Capacitor

    470μF SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitor with 25 volt rated voltage. Lower cost SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitori with surface mount installation type, ±20% cap. tolerance. SMD non polarized capacitor usually play the electrical functions of filtering, bypassing, coupling, decoupling, and switching.
    SKU: ATO-EC-HV471M025G
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    Cheap price SMD electrolytic capacitor featuring 470μF capacity, 2000h endurance, 18% dissipation factor, -55~105℃ operating temperature. Surface mount electrolytic capacitor are used in various electronic products with compact structure, small volume and high precision.


    • Endurance: 105℃ - 2000 hours
    • Low ESR and high ripple current
    • Vibration-proof (vP) version (up to 30g) available upon request
    • AEC-Q200 version available
    • High voltage, automotive 105°C type


    Model ATO-EC-HV471M025G
    Capacity 470㎌
    Rated voltage 25V
    Size 10*10.5mm
    Installation type Surface mount
    Operating temperature -55~105℃
    Cap. tolerance (C) ±20% (120Hz 20℃)
    Dissipation factor (tanδ) 18%
    Low temperature characteristic at 120Hz (Z ratio max.) 3 (Z-25℃/Z+20℃)
    Leakage current (Lleak) 0.01*CR*Vor 3  * after 2 minutes
    Enduarance (105℃) Test 2000h
    ∆C 20% of initial measured value
    tanδ ≤200% of specified measured value
    Lleak ≤ the specified measured value
    Shelf life (105℃) Test 1000h
    ∆C 20% of initial measured value
    tanδ ≤200% of specified measured value
    Lleak ≤ the specified measured value
    Resistance to soldering heat (105℃) ∆C Within ±10% of initial value
    tanδ Less than specified value
    Lleak Less than specified value

    Dimension (mm)

    SMD electrolytic capacitor dimension

    Model Dimension (mm)
    ATO-EC-HV471M025G ∅D 10
    L 10.5
    a Max
    A 10.3
    B 10.3
    C 11
    W 0.7~1.1
    P±2 4.5

    Tips:  How to make a SMD Electrolytic Capacitor?

    1. Impregnation of the electrolyte.
      After the electrolytic paper is wound, the electrolyte is poured into it so that the electrolyte is impregnated on the electrolytic paper. With the improvement of electrolyte formula and the improvement of electrolytic paper manufacturing technology, the ESR value of aluminum electrolyte capacitors has gradually increased, becoming a fraction of the previous one.
    2. Assembly.
      This step is to assemble the aluminum shell on the outside of the capacitor and connect the outer leads at the same time. The capacitor has been basically formed at this time.
    3. Crimping.
      If the SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitor is the kind of "wrapped" capacitor, you need to go through this step and put the PVC film covering the capacitor on the outside of the capacitor's aluminum shell. However, there are fewer and fewer capacitors using PVC film today. The main reason is that this material does not conform to the trend of environmental protection, and has little to do with performance.
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