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    33μF 35V SMD Electrolytic Capacitor

    High quality SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitor with 35μF capacity, 35V rated voltage for sale. Low cost SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitoric with 14% dissipation factor, surface mount installation type, ±20% cap. tolerance. SMD non polarized capacitor can be applied for air conditioners, tape recorders, washing machines, communication machines and other household appliances.
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    Get a SMD electrolytic capacitor at reasonable price. Surface mount electrolytic capacitor featuring 33μF capacity, 1000h shelf life, -55~105℃ operating temperature.


    • Endurance: 105℃ - 2000 hours
    • Low ESR and high ripple current
    • Vibration-proof (vP) version (up to 30g) available upon request
    • AEC-Q200 version available
    • High voltage, automotive 105°C type


    Model ATO-EC-HV330M035
    Capacity 33㎌
    Rated voltage 35V
    Size 6.3*5.5mm
    Installation type Surface mount
    Operating temperature -55~105℃
    Cap. tolerance (C) ±20% (120Hz 20℃)
    Dissipation factor (tanδ) 14%
    Low temperature characteristic at 120Hz (Z ratio max.) 3 (Z-25℃/Z+20℃)
    Leakage current (Lleak) 0.01*CR*Vor 3  * after 2 minutes
    Enduarance (105℃) Test 2000h
    ∆C 20% of initial measured value
    tanδ ≤200% of specified measured value
    Lleak ≤ the specified measured value
    Shelf life (105℃) Test 1000h
    ∆C 20% of initial measured value
    tanδ ≤200% of specified measured value
    Lleak ≤ the specified measured value
    Resistance to soldering heat (105℃) ∆C Within ±10% of initial value
    tanδ Less than specified value
    Lleak Less than specified value

    Dimension (mm)

    SMD electrolytic capacitor dimension

    Model Dimension (mm)
    ATO-EC-HV330M035 ∅D 6.3
    L 5.5
    a 0.2
    A 6.6
    B 6.6
    C 7.2
    W 0.5~0.8
    P±2 2.2

    Tips:  Reflow Soldering Conditions of SMD Electrolytic Capacitor.

    Reflow soldering is suitable for SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Reflow Soldering Conditions:

    1. Infrared or hot air reflow soldering should be used instead of vapor phase heating reflow soldering.
    2. The number of reflow soldering is up to 2 times, please ensure that the product has sufficient cooling time between the first and second times.
    3. The preheating time from 150C to 200C is within 180 seconds: the soldering time of the capacitor top temperature exceeding 217C shall not exceed tL (seconds); the peak temperature of the capacitor top shall not be better than TP (C), the actual peak value in the range of 5C temperature time must not exceed tp (seconds).
    4. The average temperature rise is at most 3C per second.
    5. Temperature drop averages up to 6C per second.
    6. Up to 8 minutes from 25C to peak temperature.
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