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    100μF 25V SMD Electrolytic Capacitor

    Economical price 100μF SMD electrolytic capacitor with 16V rated voltage. High quality surface mount electrolytic capacitor with 2000h endurance, ±20% cap. tolerance. SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitoris can be applied for air conditioners, tape recorders, washing machines, communication machines and other household appliances.
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    100μF 25V SMD electrolytic capacitor featuring 20% dissipation factor, -55~105℃ operating temperature. SMD non polarized capacitor providing good electrical performance, wide application range and high reliability.


    • Endurance: 105℃ - 2000 hours
    • Low ESR and high ripple current
    • Vibration-proof (vP) version (up to 30g) available upon request
    • AEC-Q200 version available
    • High voltage, automotive 105°C type


    Model ATO-EC-HV101M025
    Capacity 100㎌
    Rated voltage 25V
    Size 6.3*7.7 mm
    Installation type Surface mount
    Operating temperature -55~105℃
    Cap. tolerance (C) ±20% (120Hz 20℃)
    Dissipation factor (tanδ) 20%
    Low temperature characteristic at 120Hz (Z ratio max.) 3 (Z-25℃/Z+20℃)
    Leakage current (Lleak) 0.01*CR*Vor 3  * after 2 minutes
    Enduarance (105℃) Test 2000h
    ∆C 20% of initial measured value
    tanδ ≤200% of specified measured value
    Lleak ≤ the specified measured value
    Shelf life (105℃) Test 1000h
    ∆C 20% of initial measured value
    tanδ ≤200% of specified measured value
    Lleak ≤ the specified measured value
    Resistance to soldering heat (105℃) ∆C Within ±10% of initial value
    tanδ Less than specified value
    Lleak Less than specified value

    Dimension (mm)

    SMD electrolytic capacitor dimension

    Model Dimension (mm)
    ATO-EC-HV101M025 ∅D 6.3
    L 7.7
    a Max
    A 6.6
    B 6.6
    C 7.2
    W 0.5~0.8
    P±2 2.2

    Tips:  How to make a SMD Electrolytic Capacitor?

    1. Cutting of aluminum foil.
      This step is easy to understand. It is to cut a whole piece of aluminum foil into several small pieces to make it suitable for the needs of capacitor manufacturing.
    2. Riveting of lead wires.
      The pins outside the capacitor are not directly connected to the inside of the capacitor, but are connected to the inside of the capacitor through the inner lead. Therefore, in this step, we need to connect the inner leads of the anode and cathode with the outer leads of the capacitor by ultrasonic bonding. The outer lead is usually copper-plated iron wire or oxidized copper wire to reduce resistance, while the inner lead is directly connected with aluminum wire and aluminum foil. Everyone pays attention to these small steps, all of which require high precision machining.
    3. Winding of electrolytic paper.
      The electrolyte in the capacitor is not directly poured into the capacitor, and soaks the aluminum foil in a liquid state, but is attached to the aluminum foil layer by layer through the electrolytic paper that absorbs the electrolyte. Among them, the formula of the selected electrolytic paper is somewhat different from that of ordinary paper. It is microporous, and there should be no impurities on the surface of the paper, otherwise the composition and performance of the electrolyte will be affected. In this step, the electrolytic paper that does not adsorb the electrolyte is attached to the aluminum foil, and then rolled into the capacitor casing, so that the aluminum foil and the electrolytic paper form an interval similar to "101010".
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