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    330μF 50V SMD Electrolytic Capacitor

    330μF SMD electrolytic capacitor with rated voltage 50V, ±20% cap. tolerance, 14% dissipation factor, -55~105℃ operating temperature. SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitors usually play the electrical functions of filtering, bypassing, coupling, decoupling, and switching.
    SKU: ATO-EC-HV331M
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    SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitor at low prive for sale. High voltage electrolytic capacitor provides 330μF capacity, surface mount installation type, 2000h endurance. Surface mount electrolytic capacitors are used in various electronic products with compact structure, small volume and high precision.


    • Endurance: 105℃ - 2000 hours
    • Low ESR and high ripple current
    • Vibration-proof (vP) version (up to 30g) available upon request
    • AEC-Q200 version available
    • High voltage, automotive 105°C type


    Model ATO-EC-HV331M
    Capacity 330㎌
    Rated voltage 50V
    Size 12.5*14mm
    Installation type Surface mount
    Operating temperature -55~105℃
    Cap. tolerance (C) ±20% (120Hz 20℃)
    Dissipation factor (tanδ) 14%
    Low temperature characteristic at 120Hz (Z ratio max.) 3 (Z-25℃/Z+20℃)
    Leakage current (Lleak) 0.01*CR*Vor 3  * after 2 minutes
    Enduarance (105℃) Test 2000h
    ∆C 20% of initial measured value
    tanδ ≤200% of specified measured value
    Lleak ≤ the specified measured value
    Shelf life (105℃) Test 1000h
    ∆C 20% of initial measured value
    tanδ ≤200% of specified measured value
    Lleak ≤ the specified measured value
    Resistance to soldering heat (105℃) ∆C Within ±10% of initial value
    tanδ Less than specified value
    Lleak Less than specified value

    Dimension (mm)

    SMD electrolytic capacitor dimension

    Model Dimension (mm)
    ATO-EC-HV331M ∅D 12.5
    L 14
    a Max
    A 13
    B 13
    C 13.9
    W 1~1.4
    P±2 4.5

    Tips: Functions of SMD Electrolytic Capacitor.

    • Blocking DC: The function is to prevent DC from passing through and allow AC to pass.
    • Bypass (decoupling): Provide a low-impedance path for certain parallel components in an AC circuit.
    • Coupling: As a connection between two circuits, allowing an AC signal to pass and travel to the next stage circuit.
    • Filtering: Turn the rectified sawtooth wave into a smooth pulsating wave, which is close to DC.
    • Energy Storage: Stores electrical energy and releases it when necessary.
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