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    500W Wind Turbine, 12V/24V/48V

    Cost-effective wind turbine generator for sale, 500 watt, high quality nylon fiber material wind turbine blades, simple installation, low vibration, smooth and quiet operation of the blades.
    SKU: ATO-WT-500M2
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    500W home wind turbine with blades, rated voltage can select 12V, 24V or 48V, wind generators are widely used in RV, island and industrial fields due to their cost-effective performance advantages.


    Model ATO-WT-500M2
    Matched Controller Model ATO-WTCMPPT-500
    Rated Power 500W
    Maximum Power 510W
    Rated Voltage 12V/24V/48V
    Start Up Wind Speed 2.5 m/s
    Rated Wind Speed 11 m/s
    Survival Wind Speed 45 m/s
    Wheel Diameter 1.75m
    Blase Number Nylon Fiber
    Generator Three Phase Permanent Magnet AC Generator
    Magnetic Steel NdFeB
    Generator Case Die-Casting Aluminum
    Controller System Electromahnet
    Speed Regulation Automatically Adjust Windard
    Installation Flange DN25
    Working Temperature -40°C~80°C
    Gross Weight 17kg
    Top Net Weight 14.5kg
    Service Life 15 years
    Warranty 18 months
    Package Dimensions 670*280*210mm

    1. The starting speed is slow, and the wind energy utilization rate is high.
    2. Easy to install, tube or flange connection is optional.
    3. The blade adopts the new technology of precision injection molding, with optimized aerodynamic shape and structure, which improves the wind energy utilization rate and annual output.
    4. Cast aluminum alloy body, can rotate 2 bearings, can resist strong wind, safer operation.
    5. Patented permanent magnet alternator with special stator, which effectively reduces the torque and matches the wind turbine with the generator to ensure the performance of the whole system.

    500W Wind Turbine Power Curve
    500W wind turbine power curve

    500W Wind Turbine (Flange Seat) Exploded View
    100W wind turbine exploded view

    1. Wind turbine body, 2. Wind turbine flange seat, 3. Tower, 4. Wind turbine shaft, 5. Wind hub, 6. Wind wheel, 7. Lock nut, 8. Fairing, 9. Bolt, 10. Flat washer, 11. Elastic washer, 12. Nuts, 13. Stainless steel nut, 14. Anti-loose nut, 15. Rubber pad.

    Tips: Why are the blades of a wind turbine so small?

    The shape of the fan blade is carefully designed to achieve maximum output efficiency at minimum cost.

    The design scheme is mainly determined by the aerodynamic demand, but the economic demand is to design the blade shape with reasonable construction cost. Moreover, the thickness of the blade increases gradually from the tip to the root, because the root has to bear the maximum load.

    Major structural considerations include:

    1. Length, the length of blade affects the swept area and determines the wind catching ability. According to Betz's rule, only about half of the wind is actually captured by wind turbines.

    2. Pneumatic part, the aerodynamic shape of the blade can be clearly seen from the cross-section of the blade.

    3. Overlooking the wing shape, the shape of the blade gradually Narrows from the root to the tip, so as to ensure a constant reduction rate in the whole sweep area. Ensure that the airflow does not move too slowly through the blade, causing turbulence, and does not pass too fast, causing energy waste.

    4. Section thickness increases gradually from the tip to the root of the blade thickness to bear greater load and bending moment. If the load is not very important, in general the ratio of thickness to length is 10-15%. The flat part near the root of the blade helps to improve the efficiency of wind capture.

    5. Blade torsional design, the rotation speed of the blade increases with the increase of its length, and the windward Angle changes continuously with the extension of the blade. Therefore, in order to maintain a better Angle of attack in the windward area of the blade, the blade needs to be designed in a torsional form.

    6. Number and speed of blades, normally, the speed of fan blades is about 7 to 10 times of the wind speed. The higher the rotation speed, the more blades there are, which means that the blade size has to be made narrower and thinner, which makes it difficult to ensure the blade has sufficient strength. However, when the speed is too fast, the air catching efficiency of the blade also decreases, and it is more vulnerable to environmental erosion and bird impact.

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