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    50 amp 3 pole Miniature Circuit Breaker

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    Miniature circuit breaker with 3-pole, 50 ampere current rating, excellent breaking capability of 6kA at 240/415V AC voltage, module width of only 18 mm per pole. C curve trip characteristic, can be used in IEC standard applications.
    SKU: ATO-MCB-3P50
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    MCBs are used to perform many functions such as local control switches, isolating switches against faults and overload protection devices for installations or specific equipments or appliances.

    Circuit Breaker Information

    • Rated Current: 50 amp
    • Rated Voltage: 230/400V AC, 50Hz
    • Number of poles: 3 pole
    • 6 kA short circuit breaking capacity
    • Standard 35 mm DIN rail mounting
    • Thermal-magnetic over current protection

    Technical Data

    Model ATO-NB8-633PC50
    Electrical Parameters Height 86 mm
    Width 18 mm per pole
    Mounting DIN Rail
    Rated Current (In) 50A
    Number of poles 3P
    Rated Voltage (Ue) 230/400V
    Rated Insulation Voltage (Ui) 500V
    Dielectric Test Voltage 2000V
    Rated Frequency 50Hz
    Short Circuit Interrupting Capacity 6KA
    Trip Characteristic C Curve (5-10In)
    Rated Short-Circuit Breaking Capacity 6000A
    Operating Short-Circuit Breaking Capacity 6000A
    Mechanical Parameters Electrical Life 10000 times
    Mechanical Life 20000 times
    Flame Retardant Grade V0
    Protection Degree Direct installation: IP20B
    Installed in the distribution box: IP40B
    Calibration Temperature 30℃
    Operating Temperature -35℃~+70℃
    Storage Temperature -35℃~+85℃
    Tightening Torque 2 N.m
    Max. Tolerable Torque 2.5 N.m
    Terminal Size Acceptability–Min/Max 1 mm2 / 25mm2
    Wire Insertion Depth 13mm

    Circuit Breaker Dimension (Unit: mm)

    50 amp 3 pole Miniature Circuit Breaker Dimensions


    3 pole Miniature Circuit Breaker Details

    Tips: How to select a miniature circuit breaker?
    1. Grid frequency
    The usable range of alternating current frequency is generally from 50 Hz to 60 Hz for a miniature circuit breaker.
    2. Rated current and rated voltage
    1) Rated current: The rated current of miniature circuit breaker mainly depends on the working current of protected load. The rated current of the miniature circuit breaker should be larger than the calculated load current of line within 125A. The rated current of miniature circuit breaker has different specifications including 6 A, 10 A, 16 A, 20 A, 40 A and 63A etc. There are several rated current values for over-current tripper under the same level of rating current. Therefore, the rated current of over-current tripper should approach to the actual current of electricity as possible as it could.
    2) Rated voltage: The rated working voltage of miniature circuit breaker should be larger than the rated voltage of line within 440V.
    3. Short circuit capacity
    Short circuit current that occurs between phase lines or between phase line and neutral line is very large, so it is required to have a certain short circuit breaking capacity, for example the rated short circuit breaking capacity of switch is equal to or less than the largest short circuit current that could occur. Because switch is not capable of arc blowout, the excessively high temperature caused by arcing makes contact point short-circuited, destroying distribution lines and equipment. Therefore, the maximum short circuit capacity should be taken full consideration into selecting miniature circuit breaker, and the rated short circuit capacity should be larger than the maximum short circuit current that could occur in line.

    Existing reviews of 50 amp 3 pole Miniature Circuit Breaker
    This MCB works great.
    I ordered this miniature circuit breaker because I wanted safe switch for occasional use inside a solar panel. The MCB is as described and shown including the short piece of DIN rail and two screws. For my purposes it works well but time will tell.
    From: Marcus | Date: 28/10/2022
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    High quality MCB.
    I bought this 50 amp 3 pole miniature circuit breaker as a quick disconnect for my solar panels. It functions perfectly, works as designed. High quality MCB that deserves 5 stars.
    From: Della | Date: 30/05/2022
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