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    5A 100V 500W Variable Linear DC Power Supply

    0 to 100V, 0 to 5A variable linear DC power supply for sale, with selectable 110V/220V±10% AC input, 3 digit LED display, 500W power, CC/CV mode automatic switch. This factory price adjustable linear power supply can deliver a variable output voltage or current. Using a variable DC power supply allows digital or analog control of the power supply output by a control system.
    SKU: ATO-DCPS1005
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    5 volt 100 amp variable linear DC power supply provides an adjustable and regulated power source, allowing users to tailor voltage and current outputs to meet specific electronic device requirements. With digital control features, it offers precise adjustments for voltage and amperage settings, ensuring optimal performance and safety for connected devices.


    Model ATO-JK1005S
    Input Voltage 110V or 220V AC (+/- 10%)
    Output Voltage Range DC 0-100V
    Output Current Range 0-5A
    Output Power 500W
    Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
    Output Type Dual
    Display 3 digit
    Display Accuracy ≤ ±0.1%+2d
    Voltage Display Resolution 100mV
    Current Display Resolution 10mA
    Efficiency >65%
    Voltage Regulation
    Load Regulation (CV) 1×10-5+8mV
    Line Regulation (CV) 1×10-5+3mV
    Ripple & Noise (P-P) 0.5mV
    Temperature Coefficient 300PPm/℃
    Current Regulation
    Load Regulation (CC) ≤5mA
    Line Regulation (CC) 2×10-5+3mA
    Temperature Coefficient 500PPm/℃
    Protection Over Load and Over Voltage Protection
    Recovery Time ≤100µs
    Operating Ambient 0℃ to + 40℃/ 85%RH
    Storage Ambient -10℃ to + 80℃/ 80%RH
    Warranty 12 Months
    Size 303 (L) x 255 (W) x 155 (H) mm
    Weight 12kg


    5A 100V variable linear DC power supply detail

    Tips: Can a variable linear DC power supply be used for audio amplifier testing?

    Yes, a variable linear DC power supply can be used for audio amplifier testing. Linear DC power supplies provide stable and low-noise DC voltage, crucial for accurate amplifier measurements. By adjusting the output voltage, you can simulate different operating conditions and assess the amplifier's performance across various power levels. This is valuable for testing the amplifier's linearity, distortion, and efficiency. Ensure the power supply's voltage and current ratings match the amplifier's requirements, and use appropriate load resistors to simulate speaker loads. Additionally, monitoring the amplifier's output and input signals using an oscilloscope can aid in assessing its behavior under different voltage conditions. In summary, a variable linear DC power supply is a versatile tool for comprehensive audio amplifier testing, offering control and precision in evaluating performance characteristics.

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