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    6 Inch Digital Distance Measuring Wheel

    Buy a 6-inch digital measuring wheel online, measuring up to 9999.9 mm at a time. Digital measuring wheel can be folded, designed for various indoor and outdoor projects, and can easily and accurately measure stones and obstacles on lawns, asphalt, dirt, rocks, etc.
    SKU: ATO-MW-DG160
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    Small digital display distance measuring wheel with power switch/Metric conversion/data storage/storage reading/data clearing function, easy to achieve long-distance measurement. Distance measuring wheel diameter 6 inches, can be extended to 43 inches after unfolding, used for measuring route buildings, villages, road construction, etc.


    • Model: ATO-MW-DG160
    • Extension Height: 110cm (43 inch)
    • Folded Height: 70cm (27 inch)
    • Wheel Diameter: 16cm (6 inch)
    • Accuracy:+0.5%
    • Net Weight: 1kg
    • Tire Thickness: 9mm
    • Measuring Range: 9999.9mm


    Dimension Unit (mm)

     6 Inch digital measuring wheel dimension



    Measuring wheel details



    • Rolling measure wheel without extra battery power supply, more convenient to use.
    • The reading window is designed with a magnifying glass to enlarge the font for easy reading.
    • Key reset zero/magnifying glass setting for easy reading.
    • The digital measuring wheel counts by electromagnetic induction principle, and the data is displayed on the LCD screen for easy reading.
    • Scroll the wheel forward to increase the number, and backward to reduce the number.
    • The folding structure can be easily put into the carry bag, easy to carry.
    • HD digital display, measuring range 99999.9 meters, storage of 5 groups of data, digital measuring wheel can be converted to metric and imperial standard.


    Measuring wheel applications

    Tips: What is a measuring wheel?

    A measuring wheel also known as a surveyor's wheel, click wheel, odometer, or trundle wheel – is a tool used to measure distances. Measuring wheels have a counting mechanism that counts the number of rotations and uses the circumference of the wheel to calculate the distance covered. The measuring wheel is mainly used for land surveying and mapping, road construction, cable laying, and course marking. It can also be used for the construction measurement of landscape and golf courses, the measurement of traffic accident distance and location, and the measurement of farmland construction management, etc.

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