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    6" Plastic Foot Valve, FRPP Non Return Valve

    Low cost 6" (DN150) FRPP foot valve is designed for water pump. It is a plastic check valve that can prevent backflow and maintain fluid pressure, ideal for industries such as water treatment, agriculture, chemical processing, etc.
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    The 6 inch plastic foot valve comes with FRPP material, flange connection, DN150 and 10kg PN, and is an ideal water pump-supporting facility for the petrochemical, chemical, textile, metallurgy, mining, drainage and irrigation industries.


    • Model: ATO-H42F-10S
    • Port Size: 6 inch, DN150
    • Nominal Pressure: 10kg
    • Type: Foot Valve
    • Body Material: FRPP
    • Connection Form: Flange
    • Weight: About 7.6kg
    • Suitable Medium: Water
    • Temperature of Media: Medium Temperature, Normal Temperature
    • Power: Manual
    • Media: Acid
    • Structure: Plug


    • The foot valve is mainly used in pumps and other mechanical equipment for slurry treatment. It is usually installed at the bottom of the pump's underwater suction pipe to limit the return of the liquid in the pump pipe to the water source.
    • There are many water inlets and ribs on the foot valve cover, equipped with a screen to prevent impurities from flowing in and reduce clogging.
      With good sealing performance, small pressure loss and strong hydraulic performance, the
    • FRPP foot valve is an ideal water pump supporting facility for petrochemical, chemical, textile, printing and dyeing, metallurgy, mining, drainage, irrigation industries, etc.

     Dimension (Unit: mm)

    FRPP foot valve dimension

    Nominal Diameter L D1 D2 S N-Φ
    DN150 330 243 285 30 8-Φ21



    No. Name Material Number
    1 Network Mask UPVC  1
    2 Piston UPVC 1
    3 Sealing Rubber EPDM 1
    4 Valve Body UPVC  1
    5 Sealing Rubber EPDM 1
    6 Partition UPVC 1
    7 Compression Nut UPVC 1


    Foot valve is a type of valve that is used in pumping systems to prevent the backflow of fluids. FRPP foot valve is used in various applications such as irrigation, water supply, and other fluid handling systems where backflow prevention is necessary.

    UPVC foot valve applications

    Tips: What is an FRPP plastic foot valve?

    An FRPP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic Polypropylene) foot valve is a specialized type of check valve used in fluid handling systems to control the flow of liquids, typically in applications where resistance to corrosion is a critical factor. It is constructed using a composite material composed of polypropylene reinforced with fibers, resulting in a lightweight yet robust valve that can withstand the challenges posed by aggressive or corrosive fluids. The design of the FRPP foot valve typically incorporates a hinged flap or flapper that opens when liquid flows into the system and closes to prevent backflow when the pump or system is turned off. This design helps maintain prime in suction systems and ensures the efficient transfer of liquids while minimizing the risk of contamination or backflow of harmful substances.

    FRPP plastic foot valves find application in various industries, such as water treatment, chemical processing, agriculture, and irrigation, where the need to resist corrosion and chemical degradation is paramount. The FRPP material is chosen for its excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals and is especially suitable for environments where traditional metal valves would quickly corrode or degrade. The lightweight nature of the FRPP material also makes these foot valves easy to handle and install, while their durability ensures a long operational life, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and replacements in demanding industrial settings.

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