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    60mm Spherical Roller Bearing, Double Row

    Low price spherical roller bearing is a double row roller bearing, with an inner diameter of 60mm, an outer diameter of 130mm and a width of 46mm. The axially symmetric races of double-row spherical roller bearing can support radial loads while maintaining high speeds and rotational accuracy.
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    Buy an ATO spherical roller bearing online. The 60mm roller bvearing with a P5 accuracy class, oil lubrication limit speed of 2600 rpm, and grease lubrication limit speed of 3100 rpm. The double-row spherical roller bearing is suitable for applications that support high radial and oscillating axial loads.


    • Model: ATO-22311
    • Inner diameter: 60mm
    • Outer diameter: 130mm
    • Width: 46mm
    • Accuracy class: P5
    • Oil lubrication limit speed: 2600 rpm
    • Grease lubrication limit speed: 3100 rpm
    • Cr: 2010kN
    • Cor: 1060 kN
    • Bearing material: Bearing steel

    Dimension (mm)

    Dimension of 60mm spherical roller bearing


    Spherical roller bearing application

    Tips: Precautions for spherical roller bearings

    • The self-aligning roller bearing preload is carried out at room temperature, but in the working state, the driving shaft caused by the system micro-stretching temperature rise, the bearing preload will change, therefore, the preload setting should be considered to this factor.
    • It needs the size of capacity, speed, and other conditions to set the reasonable use of spherical roller bearing preload to ensure the life of the transmission. If the pre-tightening force is too large, it will consume power and even cause overheating. If the preload is too small, under the action of body load, shaft rolling, and the gap between the outer rings, jumping, running, and transmission accuracy will increase to reduce noise, affecting the gear meshing, and seriously damaging the teeth and bearings.
    • According to the assembly of different spherical roller bearings, such as: the bearing preload nut is directly rotated by axially compressing the inner ring of the inner bearing, and the inner and outer rings are rotated to eliminate the gap and achieve the purpose of bearing preload. To achieve common use: first, far beyond the pre-installed bearing, last of the nut, then back 1/4 turn. Assembly method, the advantage of this method is less investment, simple, practical, and it can be used under the premise of consistent good quality tapered roller bearings.
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