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    7:1 Air Pressure Booster, 3-56 bar (43-812 psi)

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    ATO air pressure booster with 07:1 ratio, 3- 56 bar gas inlet pressure, 56 bar maximum outlet gas pressure, 2-8 bar dirven air pressure, 556 L/min Maximum flow. Based on the air consumption of 1.0 M³/min when the driving pressure is 7 bar.
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    ATO 07: 1 air booster with high pressure, pneumatic power, air driven fuel and oil-free. Formula to calculate gas outlet pressure PB is 7Pa+ Pi, connection: gas inlet / gas outlet (NPT thread) is 3/8/3/8.


    1. Compressed air driven - no electricity required (connect to normal air compressor). ln order to extend the lifetime of the pump, the driving air pressure should not be higher than 8 bar.
    2. No airline lubricator required.
    3. Hydrocarbon free - separation between air and gas sections.
    4. Wide range of models with different ratios.
    5. Built-in-cooling on most models.


    Mode ATO-DGD-7
    Pressure boost ratio 7:1
    Min. gas Inlet pressure PA 3 bar
    Max.gas Inlet pressure PA 56 bar
    Max. gas outlet pressure PB 56 bar
    Drive piston diameter 160mm
    Driven air pressure PL 2 bar- 8 bar
    Max. driving air pressure  10 bar
    Formula to calculate gas outlet pressure PB 7PA+ Pi
    Connection: Gas Inlet / Gas outlet (NPT thread) 3/ 8/ 3/ 8
    Max. flow at driven air pressure of 6 bar 556 L/min
    Weight 25kg

     Dimension: (unit:mm)

    1Dimension of air pressure booster

    2Dimension of air pressure booster

    Dimension of air pressure booster3


    Tips: Where are ATO air pressure booster application scenarios?

    • Pressure test with gas transfer and filling.
      (Ar/ He/ H2/ O2/ N2ICO2/ NO2/ CH4/ C2H2/ LNG/ ILPG/ CNG/ FM200/ SF6/ H2S etc.)
    • Charging of gas cylinder and accumulator with nitrogen.
    • Supply for isolating gas systems.
    • Gas assisted injection molding.
    • Transfer of oxygen cylinders.
    • Charging of breathing air bottles.


    Existing reviews of 7:1 Air Pressure Booster, 3-56 bar (43-812 psi)
    solid and works fine
    Good product. I used it many times and there is not a single problem. Highly recommend this to anyone needs a high pressure air pump. Good customer service. It's worth the money.
    From: John | Date: 21/03/2022
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