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    7.5 hp (5.5kW) Brake Motor, 3 Phase, 2/4 Pole

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    Cost-effective brake motor with rated power 5.5kW, rated voltage 380V (380V~480V can be customized), electric brake motor has 2 pole/ 4 pole for selection, 2 Tst/ Tn/ 2.2 Tst/ Tn locked-rotor torque/ rated torque. 3 phase brake motor is widely used in shipbuilding, industrial, fire fighting, chemical industry, energy, mining gold, environmental protection and national defense construction.
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    Magnetic brake motor brake motor with energizing power 90 watt, static braking torque 75Nm and 2.3 Tmax/ Tn maximum torque/ rated torque.


    Model ATO-131S1 ATO-132S
    Rated power 7.5hp (5.5kW)
    Rated voltage 380V (380V~480V can be customized)
    Numbers of poles 2 pole 4 pole
    Speed 2900r/ min 1435r/ min
    Current 11.1A 11.6A
    Efficiency 85% 85%
    Power factor 0.88 cosφ 0.84cosφ
    Locked-rotor torque/ rated torque 2 Tst/ Tn 2.2 Tst/ Tn
    Weight 78kg 95kg
    Static braking torque 75Nm
    No-load brake lag time 0.25s
    Energizing power 90W
    Locked-rotor current/ rated current 7 Ist/ In
    Maximum torque/ rated torque 2.3 Tmax/ Tn
    Certificate CE
    Warranty 12 months


    Dimension of 7.5hp brake motorDimension of 1hp brake motorDimension of 1hp brake motor


    Frame size Mounting dimensions (mm) Overall dimensions (mm)
    132S 216 140 89 38 80 10 33 132 12 280 275 210 315 585



    5500W Brake Motor Details

    Tips: About power failure brake.

    Electromagnetic brake is an additional device commonly used in electromagnetic brake motors, and it has two types: power-on braking and power-off braking. The energized braking method is fast and accurate in positioning. It is used for automatic and intelligent control equipment that requires precise positioning. It has certain limitations in the application. Packaging and printing, textiles, automated production lines, and other mechanical transmission systems with positioning and braking requirements are commonly used. In addition to the advantages of flexible control and fast braking speed, power-off braking means that the equipment can be safely braked under unexpected power outages and out of control. Ensure the safety of persons and facilities.


    Existing reviews of 7.5 hp (5.5kW) Brake Motor, 3 Phase, 2/4 Pole
    It's worth buying.
    I started using it when I received it, and the result is not bad. Rated voltage 380V~480V can be customized is a good personalized setting. It meets the production needs of the workshop with low noise, sufficient power and sensitive braking. Nice product.
    From: June | Date: 16/09/2021
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