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    7.5kW Air Cooled CNC Spindle Motor, 18000rpm, 3.58Nm

    7.5kW air cooled spindle motor for sales, it features 18000rpm high speed, 3.58Nm torque, ER32 collet, 380V/220V AC at 300Hz, high quality 4pcs bearings, IP50 for protection grade, used in CNC drilling and milling equipment.
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    • Cooling: Air cooling, Power: 7.5kW, Torque: 3.58Nm, Collet: ER32
    • Voltage: 380V/220V AC at 300Hz, cooled spindle motor speed: 1-18000 R/min
    • Fast response, strong overload capacity, low noise and high mechanical precision.
    • High quality 4pcs bearings (7008Cx2 + 7004Cx2), runout off less than 0.01mm, tapered bore less than 0.005mm.
    • P4 grade ceramic ball bearings used as spindle bearing, which improves the service life under high speed revolution.
    • Tight sealing and two-layer dustproof design.


    This series air-cooled electric spindle motors are applicable to CNC engraving machines and used for high speed profiling, drilling, cutting, engraving and groove milling of wood, plastics, aluminum, rubber and other materials.

    7.5kW Air Cooled Spindle Motor Specification

    Model STF60-103-7.5
    Power 7.5kW
    Phase Three phase
    Speed 18000rpm
    Voltage 3-phase 380V±10% AC 3-phase 220V±10% AC
    Current 15.3A 26.2A
    Frequency 300Hz
    Torque 3.58Nm
    Cooling Type Air-cooled
    Lubrication Grease
    Thermal Class Class F
    Protection Class IP50
    Certification CCC, CE, RoHS, UL, VDE
    Warranty Bearings for half a year, other parts for one year
    Joint of Nose ER32 (φ3.175-φ20)
    Bearings Type 7008C P4*2 & 7004C P4*2
    Application Woodworking & Plastic
    Weight 16kg

    7.5kW Air Cooled Spindle Motor Dimension (Unit=mm)

    7.5kw spindle motor dimension


    VFD applies frequency conversion technology and microelectronics technology. By changing the working power supply frequency of spindle motor, according to the actual needs of the spindle to provide the required power supply voltage, thereby achieving the purpose of energy saving and speed regulation. VFD selection should match the voltage, power and frequency of the spindle motor to maximize its effectiveness.

    1. Set the reference frequency of the VFD first. The reference frequency of the converter is set according to the highest frequency of the motorized spindle. If the reference frequency of the converter is not set (the reference frequency of the VFD is set to 50 Hz when it leaves the factory), the motorized spindle will burn out immediately when it starts to run.

    2. The highest frequency, turning frequency and corresponding voltage of the VFD are set according to the curve in the instruction.

    3. The current of the VFD is set according to the rated current of the spindle motor.

    4. The overload current is set at 120% of the rated current of the spindle motor.

    5. Overload tripping level is set at 100%, overload tripping time is set at 5s, carrier frequency is set at the power of spindle motor, less than 10kW motorized spindle is set at 8KHz, more than 10kW motorized spindle is set at 5kHz, and speed-up and deceleration time is set at 10s-20s. If starting current exceeds rated current protection, the speed-up time should be extended.

    6. After switching on the power supply, the VFD starts to observe whether the direction of rotation of the motorized spindle is consistent with the direction indicated by the motorized spindle. If the direction of rotation is inconsistent, the power should be switched off immediately, and the mode of three-phase power supply connecting the VFD and the motorized spindle should be checked. The motorized spindle is strictly prohibited from running in the wrong direction of rotation.

    Safety Tips for Using ATO CNC Spindle Motors

    1. The electric spindle motor and VFD shall be suitable with each other. The specifications and parameter settings of the VFD shall match the nominal parameters of the spindle motor, and it will burn the spindle motor if the settings are not correct.

    2. Before using water-cooled spindle motor, it shall ensure that cooling cycle system works normally and the running under no cooling conditions is prohibited. The volume of cooling water is calculated as per 1 liter/minute, the minimum flow of cooling water is not less than 5 liter/minute, cooling water pipe and the nozzle shall be connected reliably and there is no leakage.

    3. The cooling liquid shall be clean and free of grease and the temperature shall be within 5-30℃. The cooling medium shall carry out force cooling when the ambient temperature is higher than 30℃. The precision lathe requires the cooling liquid with a constant temperature of 20 +/-2℃.

    4. During storage and transport of the spindle motor, the status of high-speed grease inside the bearing will change. The user shall run it at a low speed first by starting from the lowest speed of the spindle motor for 30 minutes and then 20 minutes for every 3000 rounds. Otherwise there will have abnormal sound, noise, heat and other phenomena, which will affect the bearing life if the spindle motor is started directly at a high speed. During long term storage, the spindle motor shall run (at low speed) for 15-30 minutes once a week at last.

    5. Collet, nut and inner taper hole shall be washed clean when installing blades on the spindle motor in order to avoid any impact on the precision. The blade handle shall be inserted into the collet more than 15mm.

    6. For daily machining, the spindle motor shall be warmed up, run for 15-20 minutes when the machining speed is reached and then performs precise machining. It is better to stop the spindle motor for two hours every day in order to recover its mechanical fatigue and prolong its life time.

    7. No knocking the end cover of the spindle motor. No hammering the collet and blade head when removing blades. No shocking or colliding during transport, storage and using, especially the end of the spindle motor.

    8. The spindle motor shall run in designated direction.

    9. The spindle motor shall be installed and fixed according to the relevant drawings and instructions.

    10. The temperature shall be within 22-25℃ if water cooling machine is used.

    11. The spindle motor adopts vapor lock and the gas source shall not be used until it has passed oil-water separator and dry filter. The air pressure is 0.2-0.25Mpa and the filtering precision is 5μm, otherwise there will cause damages to the bearing.

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