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    80W Digital LCD Display Soldering Iron Kit

    The 80W high power digital LCD soldering iron provides fast heat up in 20 seconds and is adjustable from 180 to 500°C. This electronics soldering iron kit includes a variety of tips to suit different soldering needs and the adjustable temperature control allows customisation to the project in hand.
    SKU: ATO-SIK-908S
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    Small soldering iron set for sales, it is equipped with a high quality soldering iron pen with LED screen for precise temperature display. Temperature control via a button on the electronic soldering iron allows you to adjust the temperature exactly as required.


    • Model: ATO-SIK-908S
    • Power: 80W
    • Color: Black
    • Working Temperature: 180~500 °C
    • Voltage: 110/220V
    • Power Plug:  Euro/US
    • Display Form: LCD
    • Temperature Control: adjustable temperature
    • Material: Plastic Handle soldering iron
    • Dimension: 290x150x50mm
    • Weight: 0.15kg

    Packing List

    • 908S soldering iron x 1
    • SWG black wire x 1
    • SWG red wire x 1
    • ESD15 x 1
    • 5PCSBL x 1
    • BL20-blue x 1
    • Small yellow wire stripper x 1
    • SN18 x 1
    • Pearl bag 26*30+4CM x 1
    • 23.2*13.6 small yellow bag x 1
    • C12 x 1



    80W small soldering iron details


    Usage Introduction

    80W soldering iron usage introduction

    1. Plug in the power supply to preheat the soldering iron.
    2. Stick it to the rosin after preheating.
    3. Use tweezers to insert the part into the board to be soldered.
    4. Solder (melt the solder wire to the highest level).
    5. Clean the iron tip of the soldering iron from impurities soaked in the sponge.
    6. Switch off or unplug when not in use.


    Soldering iron plug


    Soldering iron is a versatile tool widely used in various fields, including electronics, plumbing, jewelry making, and automotive repair. In electronics, it is used to join electrical components together and repair circuit boards. Plumbers use it to join pipes and fittings. Jewelers use it to solder small pieces of metal together to make intricate designs. Automotive mechanics use it to repair electrical connections and fix broken parts. With its precise heat control and ability to melt and join metals, soldering iron is a valuable tool for anyone working with metal or electronics.

    Soldering iron applications

    Tips: What are the different types of soldering irons?

    There are several different types of soldering irons available, each designed for specific purposes. Here are some of the most common types:

    • Standard soldering iron: This is the most common type of soldering iron, and it is typically used for general soldering work. It consists of a metal tip that heats up and melts solder.
    • Soldering gun: A soldering gun is a type of soldering iron that has a pistol-like grip and a trigger to control the heating element. It is often used for heavier-duty soldering jobs.
    • Soldering station: A soldering station is a complete system that includes a soldering iron, stand, and temperature control. It is ideal for precision soldering work, such as circuit board assembly.
    • Cordless soldering iron: A cordless soldering iron is battery-powered and allows for greater mobility and portability. It is ideal for soldering in tight or hard-to-reach spaces.
    • Butane soldering iron: A butane soldering iron uses butane gas as a fuel source and is a popular choice for outdoor soldering work.
    • Hot air rework station: This type of soldering iron uses hot air to desolder and resolder surface-mount components.
    • Desoldering iron: A desoldering iron is designed to remove solder from a joint so that a component can be replaced or repaired.
    • Micro soldering iron: A micro soldering iron is a miniature version of a standard soldering iron, designed for precision work on small electronic components.

    The type of soldering iron you choose will depend on the type of soldering work you plan to do, as well as your personal preferences and budget.

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