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    130W Soldering Iron Kit, 5PCS Soldering Iron Tips

    Portable 130W soldering iron set for sale, it comes with a handbag, temperature adjustable soldering iron, and 5 iron tips. The soldering iron with digital tube display, intuitive temperature adjustment, and real time temperature monitoring, it is the ideal tool for soldering all kinds of electronic repairs, home decoration and jewellery.
    SKU: ATO-SIK-908DH
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    Low cost 130 watt soldering iron set for sale, with the ideal temperature adjustment at the turn of a button. Small soldering iron heats up quickly and maintains a constant temperature, resulting in efficient and accurate soldering. The different 5 tips offer versatility for a range of soldering tasks, from small, complex jobs to large projects.


    • Model: ATO-SIK-908D
    • Max Power: 130W
    • Rated Power: 18W
    • Working Temperature: 90~480 °C
    • Voltage: 110/220V
    • Power Plug: Euro/US
    • Display Form: LCD
    • Temperature Control: adjustable temperature
    • Temperature Lock Function:  Yes
    • 10 Minutes Automatic Sleep:  Yes
    • Enclosure Protection Class: IP20
    • Dimension: 138x51x33mm
    • Weight: 0.65kg


    • 130W soldering with digital tube display for intuitive temperature adjustment, real time temperature monitoring, and adjustable temperature range from 90 to 480°C.
    • Convenient soldering iron temperature knob for temperature adjustment, twist the knob left or right to quickly adjust the temperature of the air gun.
    • Intelligent soldering iron with built-in high power ceramic heating core, rapid temperature rise and constant temperature output.
    • The ergonomic design of the soldering iron ensures comfort and ease of handling, while the high quality heating element ensures adjustable temperature control.

    Packing List

    • 908D soldering iron x 1
    • Soldering iron holder + cleaner x 1
    • Tweezers x 1
    • Solder sucker x 1
    • Soldering iron tip x 5
    • High quality solder wire in tube 15g x1
    • Portable screwdriver set x1
    • Toolbox x 1


    Soldering iron is a versatile tool widely used in various fields, including electronics, plumbing, jewelry making, and automotive repair. In electronics, it is used to join electrical components together and repair circuit boards. Plumbers use it to join pipes and fittings. Jewelers use it to solder small pieces of metal together to make intricate designs. Automotive mechanics use it to repair electrical connections and fix broken parts. With its precise heat control and ability to melt and join metals, soldering iron is a valuable tool for anyone working with metal or electronics.

    Soldering iron applications

    Tips: Precautions for using a soldering iron

    • Try to use low temperature soldering, high temperature will accelerate the oxidation of the soldering iron tip and reduce the life of the tip, please control the temperature of the soldering iron tip reasonably.
    • When soldering, please do not apply too much pressure, otherwise the iron tip will be damaged and deformed, as long as the iron tip can fully contact the soldering point, the heat can be transferred, in addition, choose the right iron tip can also help to transfer heat.
    • Always keep the soldering iron tip tinned, this will reduce the chance of oxidation and make the iron tip more durable. After use, you should wait until the temperature of the soldering iron tip is slightly lower before adding new solder to make the tin coating more resistant to oxidation.
    • Keep the soldering iron tip clean and clear of oxidation when not in use, and carefully place the iron in a suitable soldering iron holder to avoid damage to the tip from collisions. The soldering iron should be cleaned and carefully placed in a suitable soldering iron holder to avoid damage to the tip by collision.
    • Low activity flux should be used when soldering with a soldering iron.
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