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    9W 5V Portable Cordless Soldering Iron

    Small size 9W cordless soldering iron has built-in LED lighting for precise soldering in dimly lit areas. Portable soldering iron has no winding, making control free and easy. The iron heats up quickly and has a long battery life, making it ideal for use in remote areas or workplaces where there may not be an electrical outlet.
    SKU: ATO-SI-947
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    5V rechargeable soldering iron with LED spotlight, designed with convenience in mind, this soldering iron has a lightweight and ergonomic handle to ensure comfortable use over time. ATO portable soldering iron is used for a wide range of electronic and circuit board repairs with its lightweight compact design and cordless function.


    • Model: ATO-SI-947USB
    • Power: 9W
    • Voltage: DC 5V
    • Working Temperature: 0°C~40°C
    • Power Plug:  Euro/US
    • Display Form: LED
    • Dimension: 166x17x17mm
    • Weight: 0.6kg


    Rechargeable soldering iron detail


    Soldering iron is a versatile tool widely used in various fields, including electronics, plumbing, jewelry making, and automotive repair. In electronics, it is used to join electrical components together and repair circuit boards. Plumbers use it to join pipes and fittings. Jewelers use it to solder small pieces of metal together to make intricate designs. Automotive mechanics use it to repair electrical connections and fix broken parts. With its precise heat control and ability to melt and join metals, soldering iron is a valuable tool for anyone working with metal or electronics.

    Soldering iron applications

    Tips: What is a soldering iron?

    A soldering iron is a tool used for joining two pieces of metal or electrical components together using a metal alloy called solder. It is essentially a heated tool with a metal tip that can melt the solder when it comes into contact with the metal to be joined.

    Soldering irons are commonly used in electronics, electrical work, and metalworking. They are used to connect wires, repair circuit boards, and create metal objects. The tip of the soldering iron can be shaped in various ways, depending on the specific task. Some tips are pointed for precision work, while others are flat for broader coverage.

    Soldering irons come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from small, handheld models to larger, more powerful models for heavy-duty tasks. Some models feature adjustable temperature controls, allowing the user to adjust the temperature of the tip depending on the type of metal being worked with and the task at hand.

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