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    80W Submersible/Deep Water Well Pump, 12V DC

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    Cheap 80W water well pump adopts stainless steel single screw structure, which can be used for home use, such as small ponds, small fountains, water tanks or water gardens. 12 volt DC deep well pump has an external DC controller, maximum head of 28m (90ft), maximum flow of 132 gallons per hour (500 lph), 3 inch inlet diameter and 0.75 inch outlet diameter.
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    80W water well pump with DC controller for sale. It has a 12V working voltage, 132 gph maximum flow, and 28m maximum head. Submersible well pumps can be used for small ponds, small fountains, water tanks or water gardens.

    Well Pump Features

    Model 3DSS0.5-28-12-80
    Voltage 12V DC
    Power 80W
    Max. flow 0.5m3/h (132 gph, American system)
    Max. head 28m (90ft)
    Length 60cm
    Inlet diameter 3 inch
    Outlet diameter 0.75 inch
    Screw structure Stainless steel single screw
    Internal motor Brushless DC motor
    Speed 4000rpm
    Material of shaft 304 stainless steel
    Material of outlet/connector/oil cylinder Stainless steel
    No water protection function The water pump stops working automatically when there is no water in the well, and it will automatically restart working 30 minutes later.
    Required open circuit voltage (VOC) of solar panel <50V DC
    Required power of solar panel ≥1.3*pump power
    Efficiency 45%
    Warranty 2 years
    Cable length 2m

    Controller Features

    Model DF-12
    Best MPPT voltage range 30-48V DC
    Max. input current 15A
    Working temperature -15~+60℃ (5~140℉)
    Display LED display can show power, voltage, current and speed value.
    Functions Automatic charging (for battery)
    Variable frequency
    Automatic power ON/OFF
    Soft start
    High voltage/low voltage/over-current/high temperature protection
    Protection class IP65

    Package included

    • 1 * Water well pump with 2m cable
    • 1 * DC controller
    • 1 * Stainless steel float switch (water level sensor for the tank)
    • 1 * Pump outlet joint connector
    • 1 * Splice kit for cable join
    • 1 * Splice kit for waterproof
    • 1 * User manual

    80W water well pump performance curves (see dart blue line):

    80W 12V water well pump performance curves

    Tips: How Does Altitude Affect Solar Pumping Systems?

    When the altitude exceeds 2000m, the use of universal low-voltage electrical appliances will be subject to certain restrictions. In the range of 5000m above sea level, the air pressure is reduced by about 1.07kPa for every 100m elevation. At an altitude of 1000m or above, the temperature drops by an average of 0.6 degrees for every 100m. There are two main effects on the electrical products after the pressure is reduced:

    • The decrease in air pressure will cause the insulation strength of the air medium to decrease, resulting in a decrease in the insulation performance of electrical products.
    • The air pressure is reduced and the air density is reduced, which will reduce the heat dissipation capability of the electrical products.

    In view of the above two points, high-altitude areas require correction of the dielectric strength-related indicators of general-purpose low-voltage electrical products, such as power frequency withstand voltage and impact withstand voltage, electric clearance and creepage distance, etc. The rated capacity of electrical products is also required to be modified.

    The solar water pumping system is applied in high-altitude areas. For power distribution equipment such as inverters, combiner boxes and control cabinets in solar water pumping systems, the switching elements (DC circuit breakers) used in them are greatly affected by altitude. It is necessary to correct the dielectric strength-related indicators. For example, reduce the capacity of input power supply voltage and rated capacity to suit high altitudes.

    Existing reviews of 80W Submersible/Deep Water Well Pump, 12V DC
    Great buy
    This 80W submersible well pump has a powerful flow and is able to provide steady water pressure throughout my house. I am very happy with this purchase.
    From: Daxton | Date: 29/03/2023
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    Pleasantly surprised
    So far, everything has been fine. This 80W well pump can well replace my sewage pump. I hope it can be used for many years. Compared with the prices of other websites, I will still choose this seller.
    From: Beyette | Date: 28/05/2022
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    Works as the deep well pump should.
    Great 80W well pump with great value and easy to install. So far this pump has been excellent! It works great for my purpose!
    From: Paradox | Date: 25/05/2022
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